Upside Down and Backwards

I like Scott Jones over at FTV Live. There’s a sarcastic edge in his writing that makes him a man after my own heart. Today he zeroed in on the inexplicable case of CNN’s media critic Brian Stelter, out covering the snowpocalypse that never happened–holding his camera upside down. Scott wonders if the next Reliable Sources will include Brian reporting on the great job he did, and there Scott, who understands The Cable Game, is onto something.

Why is a media critic who is quick to point fingers at other channels suddenly functioning as a reporter himself? I don’t remember Roger Ebert going into the movie business, while he continued to host a weekly tv show where he criticized all the films competing with his own. That screams “conflict of interest”, and is a bigger embarrassment than a rookie with a camera who doesn’t know which way is up.


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