Is Everything Really on the Table?

Jordan Chariton, sharp observer of all things Cable Game related, today pulled back the curtain on the turmoil at MSNBC, where disastrous ratings and miserable morale have severely weakened the operation. Supposedly “everything is on the table” vis-a-vis the impending makeover of the schedule, with the article focusing on such low-lights as Ronan Farrow, Alex Wagner, and Chris Hayes.

But is everything really on the table? One name not mentioned is someone who not only can’t seem to pull a number, but is also an incompetent broadcaster with more baggage than Samsonite. The issues surrounding Al Sharpton are legion, and yet his name isn’t mentioned in Chariton’s report. Logic says that someone as compromised as Sharpton would at the front of the pink slip line, but just like NBC’s ethical policies, the rules of The Cable Game don’t seem to apply to him. When all is said and done, keep an eye out for Al. He’ll survive whatever purge the execs are planning, and probably won’t leave MSNBC until he decides to do so. It’s like the only person who can fire Al Sharpton is Al Sharpton. At least until the Comcast/Time-Warner merger is consummated. You heard it here first.


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