Sting in the Tale

The leaders take the arrows, and Roger Ailes is quite familiar with the downside of dominating The Cable Game. People love to take shots at Fox News, and it’s never enough to stick to facts; they have to add that little extra twist, stretch the truth (or bend it out of shape), to add some sting to the tale.

The next time you think of the BBC as a highly respected, down-the-middle, reliable news service, consider this:

Fox News explains why it showed Jordan pilot video…

Fox News executives say they’re carrying out their duties as journalists. Others, however, are appalled at their decision to air the video of a man who was burned alive.

That, of course, is false. Fox News did not air the video. It was posted online. And the BBC knows this, because if you read far enough into their story they say so. The report, not suprisingly, goes on to quote from “many people” who were outraged at Fox’s action, but none who agreed with it. It’s like they’re not even trying to appear impartial.

And there’s more where that came from. Did you know that the ISIS video was posted online “after it was aired” on Special Report? Neither did I. And there’s this:

U.S. television station Fox News has come under fire from terrorism experts and social media users for its controversial decision on Tuesday to show, in full, the graphic video footage of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh’s murder by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). It also ran the video on its website…

We could cite another half-dozen examples, but the point has been made, has it not? When it comes to reporting about Fox News, caveat emptor. Resentful media operations will put a thumb on the scale, slant the story, or add outright fabrications, just to get a little more sting in the tale. And when the BBC joins in that disreputable subterfuge, that tells you several things. Targeting Fox News really is the new world sport. The attacks make the perpetrators look desperate and Fox look stronger. And Roger Ailes remains the undefeated master of The Cable Game.


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