Another Smoking Gun

Last week I laid out the case against MSNBC host Al Sharpton. Now The Smoking Gun finds a devastating parallel to the Brian Williams scandal, and wonders why Al Sharpton has not been suspended:

In the wake of last year’s lengthy TSG report about Sharpton’s secret work as a paid FBI Mafia informant, the MSNBC host sought to blunt the story’s disclosures with a series of lies told at a pair of press conferences, on his nightly “Politics Nation” program, and in a report on Williams’s own NBC Nightly News (which was rebroadcast on NBC’s Today show).

In their must-read exposé The Smoking Gun breaks down the Sharpton lies aired on NBC and MSNBC, one after another, and finds them to be “demonstrably false.” They conclude:

He chose to boldly use the airwaves of NBCUniversal–his employer–to broadcast lies about his tawdry past. Unlike Williams, however, viewers should not expect an apology–even a mangled one at that–from Sharpton.

The reason, as I noted last week, is the special exemption carved out for the good Reverend that excuses him from the ethical rules that apply to the lesser mortals at NBC, like Brian Williams. So there will be no Sharpton suspension, let alone any fines (as if they would matter to him anyhow). Besides, that merger is still pending.


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