Morning Sickness

Last week TCG noted that, while CNN had a substantial lead over MSNBC in the morning show wars, their full-page ad was a bit over the top. Given how far away their second-place finish stood vs. the AM winner Fox & Friends, bragging about being #2 was ill-advised and desperate. Now that another week has passed, nothing much has changed. Here are the average Monday-Thursday ratings in the 25-54 demographic for this week (from TV by the Numbers):

  1. Fox & Friends: 249,000
  2. New Day: 141,000
  3. Morning Joe: 87,000

Fox’s A-team wasn’t intact on Monday and yet they still topped CNN and MSNBC combined for the week. Not much new there. By the way, CNN couldn’t beat out Morning Express on their sister network HLN (153,000 viewers). So that full-page ad buy is now looking even more rash.

But Morning Joe? Clearly this show is on life support. John Gibson used to call him “Scratch” Scarborough (the nickname being the Nielsen term for viewership too low to report), and he’s approaching that territory again. Tinkering with the last half hour isn’t going to make Joe any less pretentious or Mika any more likable. Morning sickness has set in, and it looks to be terminal. When it finally goes, very few will be mourning Joe.


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