Strange but True


When Mike Huckabee left Fox News to make another run for President, it left FNC with a big hole to fill on Saturday nights. Replaying the previous night’s O’Reilly Factor was the emergency move, but then they tried something different. Jamie Colby’s Strange Inheritance, bizarre but true tales of wills, bequests, and their unpredictable after-effects, made something of a splash on Fox Business, so they plugged a pair of episodes into the Huckabee slot. It’s a departure for FNC, but an established template for story-telling–think Jack Palance and Ripley’s Believe It or Not, or go back half a century to The Millionaire. Watch a few minutes and chances are you won’t change the channel until you see how it all comes out.

Today will mark three Saturdays in a row with Strange Inheritance on FNC, and for good reason. The show is meeting or exceeding Huckabee‘s ratings, and out-performing its competitors. And each airing is a half-hour promotion for the nightly first-run showings on FBN. It’s a win-win for all–especially for Jamie Colby, a smart, tireless newsperson whose hard work and perseverance made Strange Inheritance possible. Her success is well-deserved.

Breaking News Changes Everything: Events in Copenhagen Saturday night caused most of FNC’s 8:00 pm hour to be pre-empted for live coverage. But Fox News Channel will air Strange Inheritance tonight (Sunday) at 8:00 pm.


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