Keith Olbermann’s Rabbit Hole

After seeing Reliable Sources begin yet another show with Bill O’Reilly as its lead story, I knew I had to write something about it. But ace Cable Gamer Johnny Dollar beat me to it. He nails Eric Burns’ unexpected hero-worship of Keith Olbermann with chapter and verse on just a few of the many times Olby has flagrantly lied to attack Bill O’Reilly. Considering they were direct competitors for years, it’s surprising that Keith’s 500+ on-air O’Reilly attacks were never taken by observers as something that might be just a tiny bit unhinged.

In its previous incarnation TCG occasionally cross-posted at Olbermann Watch, so Johnny’s list with some of Keith’s most outrageous fabrications was like a stroll down memory lane. But if you want to see in less than two minutes what made Olbermann so reprehensible here it is, back when Major Garrett worked at Fox News and therefore was a designated target for KO:

Isn’t that extraordinary? What is even more striking was the way Olbermann wasn’t called on it. He could lie over and over, and yet so-called journalism experts and critics would keep fawning over him. They didn’t care if he lied about Major Garrett, or how many times he compared people to Nazis, or even his raging conflicts of interest in repeatedly attacking his competition, often with fabrications and lies. They voted to suspend the rules for Keith Olbermann.

I wasn’t all that surprised when Brian Stelter made Bill O’Reilly his top story, but when Eric Burns started to lionize Olbermann with the farcical claim that his O’Reilly attacks were always substantiated and backed by evidence, the locomotive went off the rails. And Mr. Stelter knew it wasn’t true, but said nothing. Not very reliable of him.


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