Thumb on the Scale

14243518091_e1637982cdEvan McMurry is a writer at Mediaite who has something of a fixation about Fox News. He’s been caught putting a thumb on the scale to ding FNC so he’s been in my peripheral vision for a while.

Today he seemed intent to demean Outnumbered and used two tweets to take his best shot. Here’s tweet #1:

Fox News still on UCIrvine banning flags (not flag). Proposal was vetoed days ago.

What Mr. McMurry isn’t telling you is that the discussion wasn’t about the days-ago veto. It was about the aftermath: threats of violence, meeting cancellations, etc. McMurry wants you to believe Fox is harping on something that’s old news. But do you know who else doesn’t think it’s old news and just published stories about it?

So Mr. McMurry’s first tweet was, it’s fair to say, intentionally deceptive to besmirch Fox News. But then came tweet #2:

Outnumbered just got from UCI’s vetoed proposal to ban flags to “revoke all public school funding”

Ah, a direct quote. Clearly McMurry can’t go wrong with a verbatim quote, right? Only his direct quote isn’t a direct quote at all. In the entire segment we could find only one discussion that came close to his alleged quote:

HARRIS FAULKNER: All right so let’s just cut off the money, right? I mean, we looked at Irvine–you and I talked about this on the couch yesterday–12.9% of the cash they have to operate comes from the federal government. In 2012 it was north of $290 million for their bottom line. So if you don’t want to be part of this country by having its flag fly openly on your campus, then give me my money back.

Harris Faulkner’s suggestion was that Irvine shouldn’t get federal funding if they ban the US flag. Nobody, not Ms. Faulkner nor anyone else, addressed the question of “all public school funding”—let alone calling for it to be willy-nilly revoked. Mr. McMurry’s verbatim quote “revoke all public school funding?” It was never said, by anyone in the discussion. All this is clear by simply watching the segment, but maybe McMurry was counting on people believing him rather than their lying eyes.

And Evan McMurry is an editor at Mediaite?! TCG will be keeping a closer eye on him.

UPDATE: Quite an open-minded fellow, that Evan McMurry:

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 2.24.11 PM

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