Throwback Thursday: CNN Hosts Take a Stand Against Breast Implants for Women They Don’t Like

mariah.1Discussing last night’s American Music Awards ceremony on CNN’s American Morning today, host Soledad O’Brien, whom I ordinarily like a lot, commented on some footage of very revealingly-clad singer Mariah Carey with a contemptuous “Oh, she says she hasn’t had any work done!” Much derisive laughter ensues on-set.

Let me clue them in to a little something. Most women of child-bearing age in the entertainment business have breast implants. Just trust me on this one. The game that media elites play is only pointing them out in women they don’t like. Angelina Jolie has them, but even when she gets close to naked in her movies she never gets criticized for them, because she adopts orphans and gives a ton of money to charity. No matter how you feel about the Brad stuff, I personally love her for all the good things she does for people who have nothing. But I digress. Now, on the other hand, we have Mariah Carey, who lives to be a singer, entertainer, and diva. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, baby. It takes all kinds in this world. Maybe Mariah’s not deep and a tad nuts. All the best bombshells are, by the way. Maybe she doesn’t campaign against land mines or for Democratic political candidates. So what? We have Angelina to take up the slack. Again, it all works out. But media elites think Mariah’s a dumb slut because she doesn’t address the UN on a regular basis and sings about puppies, shopping and cute boys and not, say, suicide bombers or Alan Greenspan. So what? Her vocal cords are enough to make anybody believe in God. A voice that ethereal is not an accident.

My problem is when Soledad O’Brien, a card-carrying member of the most mainstream faction of the MSM, joins the totalitarian faction of modern feminism and starts holding (certain) women up to ridicule for–oh, the irony!–doing what they think is best for their own personal bodies. And Mariah’s personal body is a big part of how she makes her living (say, I think I just nailed another reason why the MSM hates her. But some of us have to look good for a living; we can’t all have big brains that we put to use drawing video graffiti on the Vice-President’s face on national television.) So, Soledad, unless you’re going to start randomly commenting on female public figures with an equally-irrelevant and unfair observation like “Hey, she looks like she’s had a few abortions in her time,” leave women you consider socially and intellectually beneath you alone, or at least lay off the mean comments about their bodies. That’s why Howard Stern exists. Much as many modern feminists hate to admit it, we’re all in this together.

Reposted from The Cable Game, 23 November 2005


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