Ainsley Earhardt: Keeping the Faith

ainsleyThere’s been an increased tendency for cable news anchors to let opinions slip out now and then, but even among the chattiest of the news class there’s often a reluctance to get too personal about things like religion and faith. Ainsley Earhardt, early morning news anchor and occasional noontime commentator, has been more open than most about her personal belief system, yet The Cable Game was a bit surprised at just how open she was this morning.

On Fox & Friends today there was a short discussion about Denzel Washington’s “put God first” commencement address, and not surprisingly it was Ainsley who led it off:

AINSLEY EARHARDT: I love that message.

TUCKER CARLSON: That’s amazing.

AINSLEY EARHARDT: It’s so true. It’s been true in my life. I feel like if I put God first he just continues to bless my life. It’s nothing I’ve done; to God be the glory. I think that’s such a refreshing message, especially with everything that’s going on in our society right now.

TUCKER CARLSON: You are a walking billboard for the Christian faith, I have to say.



AINSLEY EARHARDT: No, I try to be. I try to be but I’m just like everyone else. But it’s just so amazing. I just feel like that’s the beauty of having faith. When you put God first, you don’t have to decide what your future is. You don’t have to decide if you’re going to the right or the left—God decides it for you. And then you can kind of put your hands up and say, “God, take the wheel.”

Tucker went on to take this discussion in a slightly different direction while Clayton Morris, as is sometimes his wont, was more guarded in his contributions. But Ainsley’s honesty was notable. I’m not exactly 100% comfortable with journalists expounding on matters political or personal, but in this brave new cable world where that line has become so blurred that it barely exists on any of our news networks, it’s hard to get outraged over Ainsley’s heartfelt disclosure.

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