Brian Stelter: Grading His Own Paper?

img_2759CNN Commentary noted something odd this morning, or maybe not so odd. I’ll let them tell the story:

Who wants to be a media correspondent and cover media news? Apparently, not Brian Stelter, (who, by the way, is the network’s media correspondent). There is plenty of media news going on today (hello, the Turner Broadcasting upfront), and is our Reliable Sources anchor there? Of course he isn’t!

They go on to list a half-dozen CNN reporters covering the Amtrak crash, and ask “Why would Stelter be needed there?” This got a reaction from Brian, who took a bit of umbrage:

How this plays into The Cable Game is an angle we’ve mentioned before: if Brian Stelter is going to cover breaking news (remember the upside-down snowstorm report?) then what happens when it’s time for Reliable Sources to analyze the coverage? Will Mr. Stelter critique reporters who, on this very story, were his direct competitors? Isn’t that something of a conflict of interest? Does he get to grade his own paper?

Brian may have been helping out a colleague, but he didn’t do himself any favors.

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