Let George Do It! But What About Jim?

GeorgeStephanopoulos-2013-09-15The media, including CNN’s Reliable Sources, had a field day chewing over George. Stephanopoulos, that is, and his conflicts of interest regarding the Clintons and their foundation. But despite the justified outrage, the suits at ABC News are doubling down, riding out the storm, circling the wagons—pick your cliché. They’re going to let George do it.

What do we care? That’s the broadcast world, and we’re all about The Cable Game. But do you think it can’t happen here? Richard Grenell is one of the sharpest observers of The Cable Game, and he’ll tell you all about Jim Sciutto:

Jim Sciutto, who until recently was a political appointee of President Obama working on foreign affairs, has been hired by CNN to be its Chief National Security Correspondent. The announcement by CNN’s Washington Bureau Chief, however, dismissed the relationship and failed to mention that Sciutto was a political appointee of the president.

Ironically, when Sciutto was first hired by the Obama administration, he told TV Newser he would be intimately involved in U.S. foreign policy issues, “It’s a chance to be inside the premiere superpower relationship of our time… I’ll see how foreign policy is made and help execute it. We often don’t get that chance as journalists to get that view from the inside. It was too unique and too special to turn down.” Sciutto went on to say that he sought advice on becoming a political insider from George Stephanopoulos.

Is there seriously no one at CNN that could see Sciutto’s hiring as a conflict? Have we lowered the standard of journalism so much that a political appointee for a politician can become an unbiased journalist so quickly?

Look, there’s George! Small world isn’t it. CNN and ABC: not so different after all. And what about Jim? How has he done since Mr. Grenell penned that column in September of 2013? Anyone who follows Grenell on twitter knows the answer to that question:

Well, at least they’re making the requisite disclaimers, right? They’ve learned that by now, haven’t they?

Oh. Well, at least it’s just one guy.

The Cable Gamer is waiting for someone at CNN to answer the question: “What about Jim?”

Epilogue: You think these are isolated cases? Check out this post by Leigh Bravo. Food for thought, to say the least.

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