Sherman’s a Nice Kid, But Mr. Peabody Is the Guy We Want

51vXMyJTK6L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_For reasons that are unclear to The Cable Gamer, this website became a topic of rumor and speculation by a couple of media writers yesterday. It was apparently triggered by our tweet, breaking the news before anyone else, that Donald Trump was sitting down with Bill O’Reilly for an interview to be seen Tuesday night:

Apparently CNN’s Brian Stelter wasn’t aware of TCG’s scoop when hours later he tweeted this:

Johnny Dollar replied to Mr. Stelter:

Here’s where it starts to get strange. Brian Stelter decided to “interpret” the wording of our scoop:

The reference to Gabriel Sherman’s reporting resurrects a claim Mr. Sherman made in a book about Fox News where he asserted The Cable Game blog was actually written by Roger Ailes and James Pinkerton. Then Sherman himself showed up:

Here is Gabriel Sherman saying that Ailes and Pinkerton write The Cable Game now—today. In other words, declaring that I, Sydney Bloom, am in fact Roger Ailes and James Pinkerton, with no evidence whatsoever.

Now there’s a curious response. Asked to bring specificity to his accusations about the authorship of The Cable Game, Sherman retreats to a citation of his book—which answers only one-third of what he was asked, and ducks the charge he made about me moments earlier. Note that said charge still stands without qualification—or documentation.

So we’re left with Sherman taking a shot at TCG but refusing to either back it up or walk it back. And The Cable Gamer has to wonder if he was just taking a guess—making it up, if you want to be crass about it—or if he has a source or some evidence to corroborate his accusation.

Bullwinkle fans remember Sherman—he was a nice kid, but kind of clueless. He needed Mr. Peabody to tell him what was going on. The Cable Gamer would like to hear from the Mr. Peabody who’s telling our Sherman that I am Roger Ailes and/or James Pinkerton. Because, as flattering as that comparison may be, The Cable Gamer thinks there should be more evidence than Sherman’s “because I said so.”


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