Throwback Thursday: Huffington Uses Military Deaths to Attack Fox News

Conservative elitist turned liberal elitist Arianna Huffington writes a truly offensive “My compassion is bigger and better than your compassion” column for The Huffington Post, in which she takes new WH press secretary Tony Snow to task for not grieving showily enough over military deaths in Iraq, and by extension knocks Fox News for the same apparent violation.

Some lowlights:

….[Snow’s] reaction to the U.S. death toll in Iraq hitting 2,500 was “It’s a number.”

His response to the kidnapping of Pfc. Kristian Manchaca and Pfc. Thomas Tucker was to grumble about the media “focusing on them” instead of the fact “that since Zarqawi was killed, hundreds of bad guys have been rounded up.”

…It’s becoming clearer by the day: you can take the man out of Fox News, but you can’t take the Fox News out of the man….

…First, to help him remember that 2,500 dead is not just a number, he should stop by the summer-long vigil Military Families Speak Out will be holding outside the Cannon House Office Building in D.C. Starting Thursday, the Families will be displaying pairs of boots for every U.S. soldier killed since last Thursday, when Congress voted to “stay the course” in Iraq (the Families will also display pairs of shoes to represent the Iraqis who have died since then).

Then to help him put the focus being given to the kidnapped American soldier in perspective, he can make two phone calls: one to Daniel Pearl’s widow, Mariane, and one to Nick Berg’s dad. In between, he can pick up John McCain’s book, Faith of My Fathers, and read over the parts about McCain’s tenure as a POW.

Finally, I’ll do my part by giving Snow a special preview of some scenes from John Cusack’s latest film, Grace Is Gone—a deeply personal look at a family man whose soldier wife is killed in Iraq. I know Tony is busy, so maybe I’ll just send him the scene where Cusack’s character, Stanley, a former soldier, tells his daughters that their mother won’t be coming home. …

Oh, she’ll do her part, huh? She’ll reach deep into her lefty movie star buddy connections and host a fictional screening of fictional grief so we’ll appreciate her deeply fictional understanding of the sacrifices made in war? Somebody get me a barf bag—when Hollywood elitists become caricatures of their already cartoonish selves, it’ll turn your stomach like nothing else.

Earth to Arianna: your real beef is showing, and it’s not your supposed indignation about, and your supposed limitless depth of concern for, the deaths of American servicemen and women. No, your real problem is that you don’t like Republicans, so you don’t like Tony Snow, and that like any good elitist, you don’t think much of spinless free speech either, so you don’t like Fox News. Now, it’s a free country, thanks to those who’ve died for it, so you’re at liberty to write any revolting piece of claptrap about how your grief is better than anyone else’s grief over the most ultimate of sacrifices, dying for one’s country.

But if you have any interest in remaining a pundit that people take semi-seriously on occasion, and if you have any interest in evolving as a human being, do yourself and the rest of the country a favor. Quit appropriating grief that you couldn’t possibly understand, unless you’ve personally experienced it, for political purposes and to score personal points against news organizations that have the guts to objectively report the news, not mold the news to the tastes of the ruling elite, of which you are, indisputably, the empress. And really, unless you have a spouse or a child in Iraq we don’t know about, you’ve really stepped in it this time. You hate Fox News, free country. You think Tony Snow’s a heartless expletive deleted, free country. But don’t you dare use grief you could never possibly fathom as a tool to buff your absolutely fabulous cocktail-party media-elite chit-chat, anti-Bush, anti-FNC bona fides to a high gloss. It truly makes me sick and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one.

Original comments:

Lucky Archer – Lakis Velotris said…
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3:11 PM

Reposted from The Cable Game, 21 June 2006

One comment

  1. liamofktn

    Hi Roger. 😉

    I know you must be celebrating your renewed contract at Fox News this week, but as a psychic, I have to deliver some very bad news for you. Despite this renewal in your contract, your days as the director there are approaching their end. Untouchable Brian Williams renewed his contract with NBC late last year and look at what happened to him. He was thrown down several pegs and his career is basically on the way out. That’s what I see happening for you. My psychic prediction list has anticipated this since at least 2012 and I’ve been right about a number of predictions so far. I was right about your boss Rupert working to acquire more media outlets and that his sons would start to take the reigns of power from him. You’ve stepped over a lot of toes in your long career and the time to see them step on you in return is coming very soon.

    Let’s take a look at this hypothetical scenario, shall we? Rupert Murdoch dies later this or next year. That means you are now directly answerable to his sons you loathe so much, James and Lachlan. Now that James and Lachlan are the accountable figures, this means that they have the direct control over you. They control your fate and trust me when I tell you they will be (and are) working to wreck your career. You have tried to throw them under the bus multiple times before. Did you really think messing with the boss’ son wouldn’t have any consequences for you at all? They are eager to exact their revenge on you to take you off your throne. All it would take is one outrage scandal at Fox News that your pal Rupert would normally turn the other cheek over for James and Lachlan to utilize the opportunity for the purpose of ending your career. By putting you on suspension and then slowly lowering your rank, your power becomes unsustainable and you will have no say over the content at your channel any longer. The demotion would force you to either bolt out to Comcast back to where you started in Philadelphia to suffer an inevitable demise or you’ll be fired at the end of this current, and final, contract.

    Either way this plays out, Ailes, your days are at the top are numbered. Enjoy your last days with a relative sense of security. They won’t be lasting for very much longer. If you need proof of my prescience, just read our blog. You’ll be looking at it over and over again when you’re tumbling down to a point of no return. 😉


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