Brian Williams Demoted to MSNBC for Lying, but Where Can They Demote Axelrod To?

DavidAxelrodFor Brian Williams, being dumped back at MSNBC was clearly a demotion, but what do you do when the lying is done on MSNBC? That’s the problem facing the crumbling network as evidence surfaces that (MS)NBC recent hire David Axelrod not only lied, but he lied on MSNBC’s air:

AXELROD: I confess, I was there, I was a senior advisor, I didn’t know that…

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: If you did find out when you were there…

AXELROD: I certainly, I would ask a question…

As the Examiner reports, not only did Axelrod know about it, he knew about it early on, and actually corresponded with Hillary on the secret email account he denied knowing about.

So if Brian Williams gets demoted from NBC to MSNBC for lying (that for the most part didn’t even take place on NBC News programs), what to do with David Axelrod, who’s already at MSNBC and lying on their airwaves? Is there somewhere lower than MSNBC he can be demoted to? Or will he become Brian Williams’ co-anchor for that “breaking news” coverage that MSNBC is renowned for?

The Cable Gamer emphasizes the rhetorical nature of the questions above, because MSNBC isn’t likely to take any action against David Axelrod. MSNBC is where liars go, not where they are fired from. It’s The Place for Prevaricators.

One comment

  1. Tony Daniels

    Brian Williams is a liar and as the top NBC news anchor in 2015 for stating he landed under hostile fire in his air transport !!! How can he call the president a liar I guess it takes one to know one ! He cannot be trusted on anything he states TONY DANIELS


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