Chuck Todd Smears Rand Paul, as Mediaite Credulously Piles On

joNothing says “conventional wisdom” like the insiders’ coffee klatch that is Morning Joe, a reliable source for what the elites what you to think on any given issue. Today they tackled Senator Rand Paul’s response to the Supreme Court decision on marriage, and it fell to Chuck Todd, NBC’s political wunderkind, to present what passes for insight around that table.

Todd cited Senator Paul’s position that marriage shouldn’t be a government decision at all, presenting it as some sort of slippery dodge cooked up to mollify primary voters—another way of saying “I don’t agree with the way the decision was written” without really saying it. What’s more:

This is the first time I saw Rand Paul act like a politician, because you kind of knew what he wanted to say, and he didn’t say it.

It may have been a first for Chuck Todd, but it wasn’t the first time The Cable Gamer saw Rand Paul call for government to get out of the marriage business. Check out this piece headlined Rand Paul Is Right on Marriage:

Let’s get the government out of the marriage business, he says. If we were starting a system from scratch, I suspect that would be an easier sell. But getting the federal government out of the marriage business, deferring to the states and allowing individuals to, as he says, enter into contracts with one another, can be the way out of the gay marriage thicket for the GOP, I would argue.

When did Rand Paul say this? Was it right after the Court’s same-sex marriage decision as Chuck Todd would have you believe? No, it was a little earlier than that: in March of 2013, over two years ago! But to be fair to Mr. Todd, maybe he didn’t see it. After all, it appeared in a small, obscure, little-noticed beltway publication.

Enter Mediaite‘s Evan McMurry, a man who revels in forwarding false memes. He writes up the exchange, skipping any of the pesky, time-consuming stuff like fact-checking or research, and sums it up with that trademark au courant snark that makes the cool kids swoon:

Rumors that Paul is the consummate politician went unconfirmed at press time.

The Cable Gamer could make some crack about who is the consummate journalist, but it’s hardly necessary.



One comment

  1. Michael Bennett

    I was surprised to see Chuck Todd being so critical of Rand Paul.

    Both him and Candy Crowley on her old State of the Union show appear to be (or were) sincere fans of the Senator. I could see them both voting for Rand Paul in the GOP primary in their home state.

    Notice that he did prefaced his remarks with, “I almost hate to say this, but…”


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