What Did Brian “Don’t Call Me a Media Critic” Stelter Mean By That?

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 3.09.50 PMToday Brian Stelter kicked off Reliable Sources with the same topic that dominated most of the hour last week: Donald Trump. As a prelude to his interview with a Trumpster (that seemed to deal an awful lot with politics for a program about media) Brian aired a few clips from today’s morning tv shows. First was a bit from MSNBC’s Up (the thrust of which was hey, maybe Trump really is running for President after all), and then this from Fox & Friends:

LELAND VITTERT: The question I think, really, is the buzz is actually a good thing this early on. We’re still a long way until Iowa, long way until New Hampshire. Or is the sound of the buzz a chainsaw?

(We’ve added Mr. Vittert’s name to the CNN transcript where he is just “unidentified male”. No, he wasn’t identified on screen either.)

Immediately after that, Brian looks into the camera and with an oddly supercilious tone adds:

STELTER: I don’t know — I don’t think FOX knows how to cover this campaign.

OK, but what are you talking about? What was it about the three sentences you aired that leads to that conclusion? Or were you referencing something else? If so, you kept it a secret as Fox’s coverage never came up in any of your Trump discussions. But more to the point, why the cheap shot at FNC at all? You’re not a media critic, remember? You’re a media reporter. As you have told people time and time again:

So The Cable Gamer is confused. Brian Stelter is not a media critic. But then he singles out Fox News, and criticizes them—without explaining why. Or maybe just being Fox News was reason enough. Oh well, as one of Jeff Zucker’s favorite employees said:



  1. Michael Bennett

    Brian Stelter aside, since I don’t know what his real role is either — the division at Fox News among hosts and guests is interesting to follow. Which belies the myth that they all march in lockstep to directives from Rogerr Ailes.

    Pro Trump
    (While not everyone has offered a full-throated endorsement that have defended his messag and/or criticized his.)

    Neil Cavuto
    Bill O’Reilly
    Sean Hannity
    The hosts of “Fox & Friends”
    Eric Bolling
    Gretchen Carlson
    Ann Coulter
    Monica Crowley
    Todd Starnes
    Rich Lowry
    Rudy Giuliani
    Megyn Kelly and Howard Kurtz

    Anti Trump

    Charles Krauthammer
    George Will
    Karl Rove
    Linda Chavez
    Eliana Johnson
    Jonah Goldberg
    Dana Perino
    Chris Stirewalt
    Chris Wallace

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