Shepard Smith Breaks His Silence on the Trump vs. Megyn Kelly Controversy

23648170_SAHe’s not exactly reluctant to speak his mind but we haven’t heard much from Shepard Smith, Fox’s star breaking news anchor, about the controversy over Megyn Kelly and what Donald Trump said about her. Cable Gamer Johnny Dollar posted Shep’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers where the subject came up:

SHEPARD SMITH: I know why we’re part of the story, because Megyn asked a relevant question the candidate didn’t want to answer….That he turned it on her while running from the question was telling for me.

SETH MEYERS: Has Fox News done a fair job taking care of Megyn post-debate?

SMITH: Miss Megyn does not need our help. We’re all in 100% support of her of course. All she did was ask timely, good questions…She’s on a much deserved vacation that had nothing to do with him so that’s good.

The Dean of The Deck is on target, as usual. Ms. Kelly herself would agree.


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