Lie to Me: Raw Story Uses Indefensible Smear to Attack Female Host

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.50.13 AMIt’s not just Salon and its sycophants on MSNBC who lie about Fox News. Raw Story is also fluent in the language of smears. How is this for a headline?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s immigration reform plan is “knocking on doors and finding babies” to deport

How could Hasselbeck advocate such a politically incorrect position? The answer should be obvious: she didn’t. In fact, she did the opposite. In a discussion about Trump’s “anchor babies” proposal, Hasselbeck (and co-host Brian Kilmeade) didn’t endorse Trump’s plan, they ridiculed it:

“How do you implement that?” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked. “Just go knocking on doors and finding babies?”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade argued that it would be impossible to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants and their children.

“There’s no way we can afford to kick out 11 million people,” he insisted.

How dishonest was Raw Story‘s headline? It was literally 180-degrees opposite to what Hasselbeck actually said! And the ploy worked:

How is it that both the text quoted and the video embedded on the site clearly show Hasselbeck deriding Trump’s proposal, yet many commenters bought the lie in the headline? Because that’s how the game is played. People read the headline; many never bother with the text and only a handful will actually watch the video. And even when they do, some still swallow the spoon-fed spin.

Raw Story eventually changed its headline (without apologizing for or even acknowledging their smear); it’s now an attack on Steve Doocy. Mind you, he’s the only member of the trio who bought into Trump’s plan, yet Raw Story‘s opening paragraph still claims:

The hosts of Fox & Friends suggested on Wednesday that the 14th Amendment did not grant citizenship to the children of undocumented immigrants because it was meant only for slaves…

One host did; two did not. But fine points like accuracy don’t count for much at Raw Story. Meanwhile their original headline smear of Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been echoed across the internet where even fewer will see the text or the video that prove it a lie. And their tweet still stands, complete with a stream of replies that amplify the dishonesty:

At Raw Story this is called “a good day’s work.”

Thanks to sharp-eyed Cable Gamer Peter Fack for bringing this to our attention.


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