Re-Hiring Olbermann Would Brand MSNBC as The Place for Prevaricators

KOrantIt’s not enough that MSNBC has a serial liar anchoring the biggest news stories on the network. Now, according to the latest scoop from the always-connected Joe Concha, they’re toying with the idea of bringing back their flagship “news anchor,” Keith Olbermann. The Cable Gamer knows all about him. The previous incarnation of this site occasionally cross-posted with Olbermann Watch, whose made it their mission to chronicle (and ridicule) Olby’s world of smears, falsehoods, and outright lies. And no matter how bad you think it was, it was even worse.

Olby attacked Scott Brown with a flat-out false accusation, and never corrected it. He invented and doctored quotes at will to suit his purposes. He lied about facts as required to fit his spin. Olbermann Watch assembled year-end reviews that documented dozens more of the worst.

But it wasn’t just OlbyWatch that was onto Keith’s scam. Other sites, including some on the left, nailed him as well. Bob Somerby detailed how “cosmically wrong” Olbermann and David Shuster (who played Robin to Olby’s Batman) were on a story they gave huge play to. Tommy Christopher nailed Keith for smearing Alan West. And Johnny Dollar notes how quickly an Olbermann Lie spread through the echo chamber.

Mr. Dollar, a sharp Cable Gamer on the topic of Fox News, has documented scores of untrue Olby attacks on FNC, often a nightly feature of Countdown. And when Eric Burns on Reliable Sources said his attacks on Bill O’Reilly were “completely substantiated,” Dollar quickly assembled a plethora of contrary examples:

Dollar goes on to cite Olby attacks on Brit Hume, Neil Cavuto, Major Garrett, and other Foxers. And as bad as some of these write-ups make the “journalism” of Keith Olbermann look, it’s even worse when you see it with your own eyes:

Because of his ego and intransigence, Keith rarely corrected or apologized for his many falsehoods. Instead, he would lie about his own words, or flat out deny he said what he clearly did say:

Do you see why The Cable Gamer thinks rehiring this congenital liar is the worst idea MSNBC could possibly entertain? And we’ve only dealt with his truthfulness, not all the other disturbing elements that are part and parcel of having Olbermann infest your cable news operation, like the temper, the days in the bathtub, the hypocrisy, and the name calling and personal attacks.

MSNBC has enough of a hill to climb with Brian Williams’ credibility problem. Adding Olbermann to that mix would take the simmering honesty question and splash it onto an IMAX screen. In 3-D no less. It will make MSNBC The Place for Prevaricators. They will regret it.



  1. therealroyalking

    So, you’re sourcing an article about Olbermann by relying on Koldys? Sort of like asking a Tustsi leader what he thinks about a Hutu leader. The answer is known well before the question is framed.


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