He’s Watters…and We’re in His World Now

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.51.19 PMThere’s something about Jesse Watters. Is it the superfluous consonant in his surname? Maybe it’s that annoying popped collar. Whatever it is, he drives the anti-Fox zealots start-raving crazy. His every wisecrack sends them in further explosions of derangement. Before we go any further, consider the following:

Jesse Watters’ ethnic slur was disgusting on its face but coming from Watters it’s even more despicable.

The above has been edited so as not to give the game away, but The Cable Gamer wants you to consider what would constitute a “disgusting, despicable ethnic slur.” While you mull that over, think about the rise of Donald Trump, whose chief qualification for public office appears to be a willingness to say insensitive, even offensive things. Is this the perfect milieu for Jesse Watters to make his move in cable news?

Those on the inside of The Cable Game have access to numbers that outsiders never see. Not only do they know which show topped the competition on any given night, they can often tell you which segments on that show outperformed the others. Bill O’Reilly’s production team regularly adjusts the content of his nightly hour, discontinuing some segments (remember the “body language” lady?) and trying out new ones. And usually numbers guide those decisions.

That Jesse Watters should get a try-out as a weekend host shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given that his weekly Factor segments recently started appearing twice a week. The numbers again. O’Reilly even let Watters host The Factor and those shows did well enough that, with a little extra seasoning on The Five and Outnumbered, Jesse was ready to fly solo. And so the weekend Watters’ World was born.

If the first installment is any example, it’s not just an hour of man-on-the-street hi-jinks. Those segments are there, but they’re like the dessert served up after an in studio debate on some hot topic. The premiere featured segments on refugees and immigration, with well balanced panels that included representatives of left, right, and center. Participants rotated in and out of various blocks so the discussions were kept fresh through the hour. A segment on veterans made for a nice change of pace, and the whole thing hung together as if Watters had been doing it for years.

Jesse’s trademark wit was on display, and while The Cable Gamer didn’t think he said anything “disgusting” or “despicable” you can bet rabid anti-Foxxers will find something to pick on. But just what qualifies as a “disgusting, despicable ethnic slur” anyhow? For that we turn to the quote at the top of this piece, from that most abhorrent hate-Fox site: The News Hounds. There News Hound Ellen detailed what Jesse Watters said about Univision’s Jorge Ramos (who disrupted a Trump press conference) that was so disgusting and despicable:

WATTERS: I think Ramos acted like an illegal alien and he got treated like one. He cut the line, was disruptive and was deported. And then, Trump let him back in. Isn’t that his (immigration) policy?

How despicable is that? With outrage swelling over people being compared to “rabid dogs,” apparently Ellen finds it’s far more “disgusting and despicable” to be compared to an illegal alien! Even more confounding is that Ellen thinks being an alien (or being illegal, it’s not clear which) constitutes an ethnicity. The stupidity dial goes to 11 on this one, but it does show The Power of Watters to drive Fox haters bananas with even the mildest zinger.

The Cable Gamer is going out on a limb here but she thinks Watters’ World will have pretty good numbers for an FNC weekend show. What’s more, it may not be long before it goes from a monthly show to a weekly show. It’s not exactly Capital-J Journalism but Jesse Watters’ repartee, with a touch of Trump-style irreverence and sass, could make this show the best of both worlds.


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