Salon Means Never Having to Say “I’m Sorry”

Johnny Dollar, a star Cable Gamer, caught this the other day and it is indeed striking. At Salon, where attacks on Fox News are their stock-in-trade, all it takes is having an unapproved opinion to get on the receiving end of their snark and insults. And yet there is little accountability when the clickbait turns out to have been misleading, or even dishonest.

VLTh11P1_400x400A day without attacking, insulting, or ridiculing someone on Fox News is a day without what passes for sunshine at Salon. And Scott Eric Kaufmann is one of the most prolific of Salon‘s Fox haters. By his lights, Fox Newsers range from “scummy” to “the worst of humanity.” So it is that a little over two weeks ago we found Professor Kaufmann up in arms over Megyn Kelly’s interview with a terrorism expert:

Fox News lives up to its reputation as nightmare fuel for elderly white people who just want to celebrate Christmas.

What crazy, delusional theories was Ms. Kelly spreading that got Mr. Kaufmann so upset? What kind of utter nonsense was it?

Be very, very afraid: Megyn Kelly talks to former terrorist who predicts attack on US soil within two weeks

Clearly such a preposterous prediction was low-hanging fruit for the mordant wit of Salon‘s master of understatement. Only it turns out things hasn’t exactly gone the way Mr. Kaufmann expected. But oddly we haven’t seen a post where he credits Ms. Kelly and her guest for having been right all along. The supercilious snark stands, without even a pro-forma apology, correction, or update to show some modicum of integrity.

We asked Mr. Kaufmann about this:

He has been on twitter but is ignoring our inquiry. The Cable Gamer wishes he had responded, because she had a follow-up question ready to go, regarding this:

Fox News’ legal analyst Peter Johnson tries desperately to spin San Bernardino shootings into a “terror event”

As we know, after Professor Kaufmann ridiculed Peter Johnson’s notion that San Bernardino was a terror attack, the FBI went with Peter Johnson’s analysis. And yet no update, apology, anything from Kaufmann…sensing a pattern here?

Sites that lay claim to have journalistic bona fides should have policies for matters like this, to ensure that when their writers miss the target there is some acknowledgment or mea culpa. Otherwise people might think the whole operation is just an outlet for political hackery. Mr. Kaufmann is fine with his smears because Salon is fine with them. It doesn’t matter how wildly wrong he was because his editors don’t care: attacking the enemy is the prime objective in any war, including the one on Fox News. Working at Salon means never having to say “I’m sorry.”

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