Throwback Thursday: Harris Faulkner, Too Beautiful for the NewsHounds

51Y4xENhxYL._AC_UL320_SR212,320_It’s got to suck to be a NewsHound. Think of it: sitting in your darkened living room, one trembling hand poised over your computer keyboard as you try to clean the fog from your glasses with the other—hey, when the only cardio you get is from breathing heavily from the strain of hating FNC hosts so strenuously, you’ll take it—as a relentless parade of smart, beautiful, cheerful and charming Fox News anchors appear on the screen, perhaps reminding you that your chosen career path of professionally hating Fox News is perhaps not the most upwardly-mobile, intelligent, or sanest thing to devote your life to. Case in point: Trying to find something to criticize about drop-dead gorgeous FNC correspondent (and all-around winner) Harris Faulkner:

Global Warming: It’s All Good On FOX News
It was good news only about global warming from FOX News during the news break on Hannity & Colmes tonight. As Harris Faulkner reported that last month was the warmest on record, video of golf courts and golfers appeared on the screen. Did she even mention the words, “global warming?” No. Instead, she proved again to be a good little foot soldier for the Bush Administration by chirping, “It was the warmest on record, giving Americans a break on their heating bills!”
Reported by Ellen at February 7, 2006 10:37 PM

Yeah, I know. What exactly is this Ellen person whipped up about? Nothing. There’s no “there” there—as usual, when the NewsHounds can’t find anything to criticize, they’ll just throw up a snippet of transcript and call it a story, and hope that no one will point out that if the NewsHounds were an emperor, they’d be naked as a jaybird. As in no clothes, people. In the final analysis, zapping Harris can be placed in the tiresome old category of hating someone because they’re beautiful—and that category falls into the category of the bitter loser’s bread-and-butter. Nothing new under the sun, son.

It’s also interesting that NewsHounds can’t figure out how they feel about FNC and its coverage of global warming. Between all the hissing and all the applause, I don’t even think they know how they feel.

Reposted from The Cable Game, 10 February 2006


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