The Character Assassination Bureau

Working on the previous post about NewsHounds, The Cable Gamer spent some extra time on twitter, where you can see real-time comments from several NewsHounds writers. One of these from Richard caught our eye:

This is an extraordinary observation to come from a writer for NewsHounds. “Dumb” and “loser” are the smallest of potatoes compared to that site’s smears and personal attacks. The site owner regularly calls Megyn Kelly a racist (most recently just a week ago) and The Cable Gamer thinks that’s a little worse than “loser.” If that’s not enough Ellen Brodsky repeatedly posted a claim that Ms. Kelly was hired at Fox because she slept with Brit Hume, smearing her as a slut and Mr. Hume as an adulterer—two birds, one stone.

This sort of character assasination is really what distinguishes NewsHounds from other anti-Fox sites. They go the extra mile, and never give up the ship. Ms. Brodsky still includes links back to her Megyn/Hume smear to keep it always bubbling near the surface. And there’s so much more, like saying Oliver North is a “convicted traitor,” painting John Gibson as a child abuser, making comments about Ann Coulter’s sex life, calling Steve Doocy “mentally challenged”— you get the idea. Yet Richard, who writes for that very website, is offended by “loser.”

The selfsame Richard recently published a post at NewsHounds that claims Bill Hemmer is blaming Muslims for future terror attacks. Don’t think too hard about that “blaming” charge: Mr. Hemmer’s comments about moderate Muslims are the sort of news analysis that’s heard 24/7 all over The Cable Game on topics ranging from rhetoric to mass shootings. It’s something of a propagandist’s trick to paint it as laying blame when Hemmer didn’t say anything about who would bear responsibility for as-yet nonexistent attacks. (The Cable Gamer suspects Bill would point the finger at the perpetrators.)

Richard’s spin is dubious, but what elevates it to full NewsHound status is an unnecessary personal shot at Bill Hemmer. For some reason Richard decided that Hemmer was looking “to spread hate against all Muslims.” So not only is Bill Hemmer an anti-Muslim bigot, he also wants everyone else to be! Again two birds, one stone—and, from all The Cable Gamer can tell, based on no evidence at all.

As vile as some NewsHounds smears can be, their unhinged comment section is something else again. This is where Megyn Kelly is regularly called “skanky Megyn” or “skanky KKKelly,” Sarah Palin is a “whore,” Peter Doocy (before he was even hired by Fox) was called a gay, retarded Nazi, and Juan Williams is either a “house Negro” or a “lawn jockey.” (If you doubt that the site owner encourages such attacks, note that when a commenter complained about “lawn jockey,” Ellen Brodsky announced that she was banning not the person who posted that term, but the commenter who objected to it!)

The Cable Gamer asked Richard why, if he finds comments like “dumber” and “loser” so objectionable, he writes for a site like NewsHounds:

As a writer for the NewsHounds you write for a site that said Megyn Kelly got her job by sleeping with Brit Hume and has called her a racist. Also the comment section regularly calls her a skank, bimbo, etc. If you are concerned about what Trump calls female pundits how is it that you write at a site that calls Megyn Kelly far worse than “dumb” or “loser?”

Richard did not respond to that question, though he did say during an exchange about his Hemmer post that it’s not his intent to engage in lying, name-calling, or personal smears. So what’s he doing at NewsHounds, where character assassination is coin of the realm? Where this sort of thing, targeting an African-American woman, is not only allowed, but encouraged:

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 4.23.04 PM

Hat-tip to Johnny Dollar for a contribution to this post.


  1. Michael Bennett

    Without taking sides here I do have to admit I would be curious to know how either Megyn Kelly or Meghan McCain really feel about Greta, Kimberly and Harris being almost exclusively uncritical of Donald Trump — even supportive at times.


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