‘Tis the Season to Be Fox

Fox News (and Fox Business) have sent out some interesting Christmas cards over the years. The Cable Gamer recalls the tut-tutting that would ensue when the cards took veiled (or not so veiled) shots at rival networks.

But not this year. The 2015 cards are simple, straightforward, and dignified. No making fun of the competition this time. The Fox Business card:


Inside the text is simple and, dare we say it, businesslike:

Warmest thoughts for a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year!

The greetings from Fox News Channel are cut from the same cloth:


The message inside is almost identical:

Warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year!

The Cable Gamer wonders if FNC, with its competitors either struggling (CNN) or in disarray (MSNBC), sees no need to “pile on” with a smart-aleck card, especially during the Christmas season. In other words, they’re taking a victory lap by not taking a victory lap. That’s how secure their position is at the top of the cable news heap.

It should be noted that for all the mentions of “seasons greetings” and “wonderful holidays,” there is not a single “Merry Christmas” to be seen. Some will chortle at that, but The Cable Gamer doesn’t understand why. Do the scoffers really think that corporate should dictate content to the journalists and commentators of Fox News? That everyone should sing the same song, from the same sheet of music? If so, they’re watching too much MSNBC.

In the spirit of Fox’s kinder, gentler cards, The Cable Gamer offers her best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday…the holiday of your choice.

And have a Merry Christmas.

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