A Feminist Turns Misogynist…Because Fox

Ana Marie Cox, founder of Wonkette, is one of those types who’s perfectly happy to go on Fox News when it suits her purpose, and then turn around and stick in the shiv, with relish. She has an audience, you know, that expects some good, juicy smearing of Fox. So, summoning up that rapier wit for which she is unknown, she gave us this:

Where to begin? With the obvious: the graphic is absolutely true—buy two tickets and your chances of winning double. This is unlike the ABC News report suggesting you should pick numbers that have won most often in the past, which will increase the chances of your winning by zero. But Ana Marie Cox didn’t make fun of that report, which was at best misleading, maybe outright false. She made fun of the report that was mathematically accurate—because Fox.

Did Ana Marie Cox see the segment in question? Don’t be silly…note the Gawker citation on her graphic. This came from a like-minded website. Echo chamber journalism. In fact the segment she’s smearing was a corrective to mathematically unsound reports like the ABC News one cited above. Really, Ms. Cox, the science is settled. Buying two tickets will double your chances to win.

Ms. Cox says this screengrab will tell you what to expect from the Fox Business debate. Wouldn’t watching the last Fox Business debate be a better barometer of what to expect from this one? Especially when you consider that the screengrab she’s using isn’t even from the Fox Business Channel? Whoops. Ms. Cox didn’t tell you that, if she even knew.

So who are these Fox Business people that Ms. Cox holds in such low esteem, who are too unsophisticated to understand even rudimentary mathematics, let alone intricate financial matters? Who are the questioners at the Fox Business debate?


Ana Marie Cox has cultivated a reputation as a stalwart feminist. She earned the respect of The Cable Gamer for that very reason. But here she is, resorting to one of the hoariest anti-female stereotypes in existence: math is hard for women. Maybe these ladies should restrict their participation to making coffee and leave the questioning to men. After all, it’s a man job. Right, Ana?

Is The Cable Gamer making too much of this? She doesn’t think so. Ana Marie Cox knows full well who the Fox Business moderators are. She live-tweeted the previous debate! But years of championing the feminist cause have to take a back seat to something more important: ridiculing Fox. It’s what the echo chamber wants to hear. And if it means trashing women— throwing her “sisters” under the bus—well, that’s fine with Ana Marie Cox.

The feminist turns misogynist. Because Fox.


  1. notfoxy

    Yes, I think you’re making too much of this. I have no reason to suspect she was considering the sex of the FBN moderators when she posted a flip comment about some dude on Fox & Friends, and neither do you. You’ve invented a conspiracy against women moderators from a liberal female out of thin air.


  2. Sydney Bloom

    Her comment about some dude on Fox & Friends had nothing to do with a debate on a different channel. Zero. She purposely connected one with the other knowing who the debate moderators are. She knew their sex and smeared them anyhow. Call it what you like.


    • notfoxy

      I’m calling it what makes the most sense: She made a flip Fox comment unrelated to the specific identities of the moderators. I agree that the segment made perfect sense in a discussion of lottery chances, and Ana-Marie’s dismissal of it was a cheap shot. You’ve extended a common quick reaction on Twitter to her purposely attacking women, which I find a bit of a stretch. I see no reason to step out on that flimsy limb when you already have a valid “Fox hater” complaint against her.


      • Sydney Bloom

        There is some irony in a self-described feminist throwing three women under the bus, for a clumsy cheap shot based on false premises. Thanks for your male viewpoint. (kidding)


  3. notfoxy

    A true feminist isn’t going to cut females more slack than men. The whole idea of feminism is that we’re all treated equally. This was a rather obvious and silly shot at Fox in general, and you’ve invented an “attack on women” angle for it. This is also silly.


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