All They Want at NewsHounds Is Megyn Kelly…Dead

Kelly_ReidNewsHounds is the website that repeatedly told its readers Megyn Kelly was hired by Fox because she slept with Brit Hume. The site that delights in calling her a racist. And just recently described her appearance as “a vision of bigoted hate mongering,” only to silently airbrush away that offensive smear when called out by a watchdog (no pun intended) website. (The artificially distorted image seen to the left is from the NewsHounds website.)

Now the writer who called Megyn a bigoted hate monger has posted his latest Megyn Kelly attack. Her crime? Being overly factual about CAIR’s history as an unindicted co-conspirator with links to a known terrorist group. Clearly that’s too much information for the NewsHounds women-haters club. So what to do? Who will rid us of this meddlesome female? The top entry in the always rewarding comment section has the answer:

Rob Willhelm commented  Flag
Is any one besides me wishing a fucking fatal car wreck was in MK’s future, in a literal sense, right?

There you go. That’s all they want at NewsHounds: Megyn Kelly dead. If you’ve ever wondered what people who refer to “Fox haters” are talking about, now you know.

Hat-tip: Johnny Dollar


  1. gatxer

    loser posted this today:

    Rob Willhelm commented 9 hours ago · Flag
    Too bad American history did not record a plane on 911 finding its’ way to the Fox News” studio, inadvertently saving Americans the trouble of destroying the greatest threat posed to this great country.


    So its not just MK they want dead its everybody at FOX News.


  2. notfoxy

    I think the whole idea of having a moderated comment section is that violent comments get scrubbed. You seem upset that the right thing was done here. That makes no sense to me.


  3. gatxer

    I’m not upset in any way i’m disgusted………the guy wants MK dead……..hours after its pointed out it get deleted………then the same guy posts on another post wishing that the entire Fox News staff had died on 9-11……that post was up for 17 hours when i went to bed. This isn’t some huge site like Daily Kos or Fox Nation……….with as few visitors as they get they could easily ban him like J$ would or mod comments like here…..but they dont because hes a regular commenter and said things bad about women the haters…..hate…so its all good……maybe I could get upset but I expect things like wishing thousands of people dead from those people. If you are as filled with as much hate as those people you are going to attract bigger haters …they deserve any shame they get.


    • notfoxy

      There’s nothing I can do about your apparent disgust with that blog – I rarely read it, don’t comment at it, don’t care about it – but the fascination at THIS blog with people in comment sections mystifies me. I suspect Ms. Bloom would not be thrilled to be identified with me as if I was a writer here. I’m not, I’m in the comments, and if she becomes aware that I’ve said something crazy/offensive/violent, she’s free to scrub it. That’s kinda how blogs work.


      • gatxer

        and yet Newshounds complains about Fox Nation commenters making bad posts all the time….in fact they used it as their defense for this post not being deleted. It called hypocrites.That’s my problem with the whole thing.

        Most Blogs I go to……….mostly media ones….INC…..Medialite….J$ all BAN people who make post like that……newshounds doesn’t because they think like that also……..this guys a regular commenter there not some fly by poster. It wouldn’t be such a big issue for me if not for their rank vile hypocrisy.


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