Meet CNN’s Newest Media Writer

CNN has announced the hiring of yet another media reporter: Brian Lowry of Variety. Does that name sound familiar? Maybe you’ve heard of him:

BILL O’REILLY: As you may know, a variety of Americans who despise FOX News are using the Dr. Tiller story to bash me and this network. A few examples: Variety magazine TV writer Brian Lowry has written more than 100 negative pieces about FOX News over the years. Here’s Lowry’s latest:

“O’Reilly said any criticism of his attacks on Tiller were being mounted by his enemies — FOX News ‘haters’ and ‘vicious individuals’ on the far left — implying that no rational person could find the heated and repeated rhetoric emanating from the channel toward a private citizen troubling.”

A private citizen? That sounds like my mom. As usual, Lowry dishonestly portrays what was in play with Dr. Tiller and his criminal prosecution. Lowry is a FOX News hater.

Oh, that Brian Lowry. He’s made a name for himself in exactly the fashion that makes him so desirable to the suits at CNN. Inside Cable News has said they “don’t give much credence to Lowry’s FNC pieces because they are almost always slanted or otherwise negative towards FNC.” The Cable Gamer has a few examples:

Megyn Kelly might be the new kid in the Fox News primetime lineup, but she’s mastered the oldest trick in the network’s playbook – namely, playing the victim.

Since its inception, Fox has emulated the “If it bleeds, it leads” mindset of local news, garnishing its presentation with snazzier graphics and more urgent production values. The canny post-Sept. 11 adaptation has been, “If it scares, it airs.” Race is just the latest and perhaps ugliest aspect of that equation.

Bill O’Reilly’s Logic Lurches Into Looniness

With Megyn Kelly Move, Fox News Makes a Cosmetic Change…Fox remains the same: A conservative-leaning channel dominated by older white men, with a few younger women thrown in for an audience that remains skewed toward senior citizens who still enjoy seeing a pretty face or two while hearing about how Obama is destroying America.

There is also an undeniable genius in Ailes’ we win/you lose approach, covering Democrats in a way no journalist would if they wanted their phone calls from sources returned, then bashing those who won’t respond for being hypocrites or cowards if they shy away from the channel.

FNC rise: screeching to the choir?…Fox and its key talent would also have us believe that the surge reflects disenchantment with other media and a shift in the political winds. More likely, though, it’s just a case of preaching to the same like-minded anti-Obama choir, for greater periods of time.

A different perspective:

You know you’re going to get objective analysis when when you see the term “screeching” used about a cable network or when drawing more and more of “the choir” is treated like a sneer. As usual, the innate assumptions and biases of the author, are utterly invisible to him.

Brian Lowry says, “Extrapolating from ratings is always hazardous, given the uncertainty of measuring audience sentiment. But drawing sweeping conclusions about the zeitgeist from such data is specious at best.”

But what the hell….he’ll do it anyway…

There is nothing in Lowry’s piece that factually disputes the claim that FNC is now appealing to more moderate democrats, independents, and to libertarians (even IF people are keeping their televisions tuned to the channel for longer periods of time — an action that is politically significant in itself)….

Frankly, the essential condescension and sheer disdain so many in the media reveal in their unconscious assumptions just puts your heart in your toes and your stomach in your throat.

Readers of The Cable Game will be pleased to know that Brian Lowry uses the word “definitive” to describe the reporting of Gabriel Sherman:

It pretty much puts the lie to any assertion FNC might make about the channel not being essentially an adjunct of the Republican Party. This won’t come as a surprise to many people, naturally, but it blows up the “fair and balanced” claim in an undeniable way.

The “it” that Lowry was quick to take at face value was another Shermanesque “scoop,” this one that Roger Ailes was selecting and recruiting Presidential candidates for the Republican Party. Whatever happened to that scoop, by the way? The Cable Gamer wonders if it has worked out as well as some of those other exclusives.

Meanwhile, The Cable Gamer stumbled across this observation from Brian Lowry, which may or may be relevant to CNN’s need for another media writer:

Kurtz appears seriously compromised, and looked even worse Sunday compared to CNN’s Brian Stelter





  1. notfoxy

    You used a quote from Spud about “don’t give much credence to Lowry” with a link that goes on to give credence to Lowry. Unless someone clicks the link, they’re not going to realize it leads to what is more accurately described as “usually don’t give credence, but this story has merit.” To reach back almost 2-and-a-half years for an Inside Cable News quote, then kinda misrepresent it, seems a little shysty to me.


    • Sydney Bloom

      I thought about going into more detail. It would have been a bit of a diversion in the flow of the post but justified if Spud had actually concurred with Lowry. However Spud was just doing an “if what he said was true then…” without actually giving credence by saying he WAS right. So I concluded that’s not very high on the credence-giving scale.


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