Andrea Tantaros Breaks Silence, Suggests Standoff With Fox Is Over “Free Speech”

817OCHaWvtLAndrea Tantaros was not on Fox News Channel today, but she did make several radio appearances. And in one of them, the question of her disagreement with Fox was raised. Here is what she said on the Boston Herald’s Morning Meeting:

I believe very, very deeply in free speech. And I believe very, very deeply not just in the 1st Amendment, but I believe strongly in my book. And I stand behind my book, and I stand behind the beliefs I espouse on Fox News, and I believe that in this country everybody should be able to stand up for what they believe in. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

But it wasn’t, not quite. When asked if she’s likely to reappear on Fox, Ms. Tantaros said:

I’m just going to say stay tuned, and I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing, and supporting who I’m supporting, and saying what I’m saying. Because we’ve got a right to do it in this country, no matter what others believe.

Does that sound like a hint about what’s actually going on? Or a little nugget tossed to whip up supporters? You make the call. To that end, here is the full interview, courtesy of the Boston Herald. The relevant portion starts around 9:00 in.


  1. notfoxy

    Tantaros has no right free speech on Fox News, as she is right now discovering. I don’t know what’s in that book besides a bondage cover, references to herself in the third person and strange pronouncements that she’s a “sociopolitical tour-de-force”, but it appears Roger ain’t happy.

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    • Joseph arsanis

      Notfoxy you must be a democrat and that is ur right. Mine is to stand up for Andrea Tantaros who is a fair and objective person, intelligent and classy, not because she’s Greek and attractive. I happen to totally agree with her and if she did something wrong you are given a chance to correct it. Look at that idiot Obama and his admin, when they royally screw up and should be terminated on the spot they usually get a promotion, bonus and or both. But you as a left winger would agree with ur leader who leads from the behind. Why Rev wright could have done a better job than this person who has divided the country, divided the races, apologized to our enemies for being a great country and for ending a war that would have taken hundreds of thousands of more lives. By dropping THEE BOMB. He can care less about life unless it is his own family and I can guarantee you that if a tragedy occurred he sure in the hell WOULDNT BE OUT LAUGHING AND PLAYING GOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He supports Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and has hired them in key positions in his admin. Van jones a self proclaimed COMMUNIST worked for Obama. He believes that you should only enforce laws that you like, now that’s objective or selective enforcement? Ask bro Eric holder. Remember YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DR. PERIOD!!!!! That was a known lie, but Obama said it anyway, similiar to HRC and Benghazi.


      • Reginald Arford

        And now, the New York Times has an article. OK, it’s the Times, so take it with a grain of salt, but it’s good corroboration that AT was silenced as part of sexual harassment. It really was a free speech thing – there was a “confidentiality clause” in her contract that she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone if she was harassed.


  2. Tom Bennett

    “I stand behind the beliefs I espouse on Fox News…I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing, and supporting who I’m supporting,” says Andrea Tantaros.

    This seems to suggest one inescapable conclusion about what the core issue is at the heart of this dispute.

    The sole well established issue she is known for espousing is her unrelenting support (some might call it cheerleading) for Donald Trump.

    I suggest we can rule out the theory that this may have centered around a dispute over where, when or with whom she could do promos for her her new tome.


      • Tom Bennett

        Now we can possibly add to the list of those who left (or may leave) Fox News under a cloud as to what the real background story was (or is).
        • Glenn Beck
        • Bill Schulz
        • Bob Beckel
        • Andrea Tantaros

        Roger Ailes and his lieutenants deserve credit for being able to keep a lid on information they would prefer not be released to the public — for the most part.

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      • Joseph arsanis

        Left wingers like you are so ignorant it’s pitiful. You won’t change your thinking unless it is life threatening. Obama has put this country into great jeopardy and now HRC will continue to do so. Obama doesn’t know jack . He has fired 1100 captains, 500 majors and any general that speaks the truth. He has hired over 4500 Muslims in the military and has yet to release amount in pentagon. Nothing wrong in hiring Muslims, but to
        fire career officers is ridiculous. Here’s a few nice Muslims from the Muslim brotherhood Arif Allkiun Mohammed eiblary, rash ad Hussein, Salam al-Narayan, iman mohamed magid , Ebola Patel, just devout Muslims in key positions in the White House. Oh, just another 30,000 soldiers getting fired while hiring illegals directly into military. I know it’s nothing to worry about………until it hits home you idiot


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  4. Sam

    Andrea is really losing it. For her to lie and act like this is about Trump is silly. Yes, there are gullible Trump supporters who might believe this. But who else? Does she think nobody actually watches the network? Has she missed Fox and Friends? Its a Trump love fest. Certainly she can’t act like the other 2 regular hosts on Outnumbered aren’t in the tank for Trump. So many at that network push Trump every chance they get.

    What will happen if Andrea continues on this path, she will end up unleashing FNC PR against her. They will end up doing a scorched earth on Andrea if she’s not careful.

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    • tnetcenter

      Fox New is anything BUT a Trump “love fest”! They have been sliding steadily to the left for some time now and they are starting to lose viewers as a result!!


      • RJHaley

        Didn’t Rupert Murdoch hand off the reigns of Fox News to his sons? My understanding was that they didn’t share the same Conservative outlook that their father did. If this be the case, could this be a sign of things to come?


    • Steve P

      Sam, I couldn’t agree more. Kicked off Fox News for supporting Donald Trump? Huh?!?!?! Do we need the list of Fox News personalities who remain unreconstructed, unflagging Trump flacks? They’ve all still got their jobs. There’s got to be something else going on here.

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      • bushleaguer

        If Andrea Tantaros was put on suspension for her support Donald Trump, then Fox will find a way to bring charges against Judge Jeanine Pirro and her over the top support for Trump every weekend.

        +1 on something more at play. Fox isn’t giving specifics and Tantaros refuses to…makes you wonder if Fox is waiting for Tantaros to admit she was wrong or offer an apology to another Fox anchor.


    • pnr947

      Maybe Andrea has already done a scorched earth on fox!!!!!!! Your wrong Sam fox cut’s down on Trump every chance they get!!!! Even newsmax has jumped on there band wagon!!!!!!


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  8. bobodoo

    Being a Trump supporter isn’t the case here for Andrea. For days on end every day, every program Fox has either had Trump on their program, one or both of his sons, or discussing Trump’s campaign. To me this shows Fox is 100% for Trump. The biggest supporter on Fox is OReilly, Hannity and Greta Van Susteren. Fox is definitely pro Trump.

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    • notfoxy

      I don’t think you can realistically claim the entire network is pro Trump. He’s good for business and FNC, CNN and MSNBC are all giving the douchebag massive amounts of positive air-time. AT’s problems at work may be Trump-related, buy I suspect they’re more an attitude/temperament concern than who she supports.

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    • Bugfan1Janet

      YOU GO ANDREA TANTAROS!!!!! I will DEFINITELY be buying your book. And my family and I will be standing beside you in whatever you decide to do. For you people that think this is NOT about her speaking her mind on FOX News about her support for Donald Trump are definitely NOT thinking straight. Or you either DON’T see what’s going on right in front of your eyes. Roger Ailes is thinking only about RATINGS. He knows the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS in OUR country have had it with the GOP Establishment. My family and I are very much included in this majority. There have been so many guests today that have talked about how Donald Trump would be much worse than Hillary Clinton. So they don’t talk GOOD about Donald Trump all the time. Roger Ailes CAN’T stand Donald Trump. The GOP Establishment CAN’T stand Trump. These people are still TRYING to get someone on a 3rd party ticket and some of them are ALREADY talking deals with Hillary Clinton. And for the people that say they will stay at home and NOT vote at all??? You may as well go and vote for Hillary. It’s SIMPLE. Our country is on the brink of total DESTRUCTION. This is what Obama has done to OUR country. Some of you may NOT really care; but my family and I do care very deeply. And if Hillary is nominated for President she has already said she would do EVERYTHING possible to carry on Obama’s legacy. If this happens; only the good LORD can save us and our country. Donald Trump is NOT a politician. He’s an OUTSIDER. But these are the TWO things that draw people like my family, friends and myself to him. Even the Coal Miner’s Association in West Virginia have ENDORSED him. They did that just yesterday after standing at Hillary’s motorcade holding up signs telling her she was NEVER welcomed there. Some of you may not know the reason they did this. Well; just three days ago she made the statement that she was going to put “ALL MINERS” out of work. She was going to shut all the coal miner jobs down. She was going to try something different with clean air devices. The coal mines in West Virginia are these people’s livelihood. And has been for YEARS. When Hillary found out all these miners were upset with her she goes to talk to them and tells them what she said was taken out of context. That’s Hillary for you. ALWAYS LYING. Well; she wasn’t greeted kindly at all. Before she even left town they had already endorsed Trump as their pick for President. So for you people that aren’t on the Trump Train, I want to ask you to please think about OUR country. And think about how the GOP elected officials that own the majority of the House and Senate have signed every single Executive Order Obama has sent to them giving him trillions of more dollars EACH and EVERY time. Speaker Paul Ryan is ONE you need to really look at. He’s signed his name every single time. And he’s ONE of the main GOP Elites that says he just can’t see himself supporting Trump. The majority of others are starting to endorse Trump. But you have a FEW like Paul Ryan that know if Trump becomes President they will NOT be able to make these back door deals like they have been doing with Obama and how they will continue to do with Hillary Clinton. So do you people want BIG GOVERNMENT to keep on running amuck in OUR country or do you want a President that will STOP all this CORRUPT mess??? That’s easy to answer if you are getting a little older and you have kids that could be left here without you. Donald Trump isn’t perfect. None of us are. But we have all seen Hillary Clinton’s record. And the FBI has more to come. Sorry this has been so long but it was worth ALL my time sitting here typing all this. WHY??? Because I love my country. And for the past 7 + years I; along with so many others have watched Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood steal all the money from the Social Security funds and NEVER replace it. And then have the gaul to call it an ENTITLEMENT. But it’s NOT an entitlement. Social Security is OURS. Anyone that has ever worked has paid for theirs through there blood, sweat and tears. But Donald Trump has promised he would put that money back where it belongs. He will make sure our Vets are taken care of and he will also “REPEAL OBAMACARE”. And this truly needs to be done. We have doctors that are quitting left and right because they say it’s all political now in the healthcare system. So I ask that all of you that aren’t sure to please join the MAJORITY of WE THE PEOPLE and make sure Donald Trump is elected President in 2016.



  9. notfoxy

    Two weeks down now, and she’s sold less than 3000 copies. I’ve never seen Fox crash so hard on someone before..they completely destroyed the launch of this book. Amazing.


    • Joseph arsanis

      Ur right Alan twice for Obama, that just shows you how ignorant the voters are. He did nothing for the BLACK voters 1st time, now they vote again for him and he actually did LESS FOR THE BLACK VOTERS SECOND TIME. They have highest unemployment rate and black teenagers have yet highest unemployment rate ever. He feels that if he ran again he would win a 3rd time. What a joke & what a joke he is. A confirmed liar YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DR…….PERIOD. You can keep ur health plan period, another CONFIRMED LIE. I will personally not allow pork spending..ummm another lie. I will have the most transparent admin ever, must I repeat another lie. Actually Obama says one thing and not only does he not do it, he DOES THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE. Never been in military yet he NEVER listens to the professionals (GENERALS) he tries to micro manage everything but really he doesn’t know jack shit! Never held a job oh community adviser or some crap like that, qualifies him to be king. He can afford to take separate jet flights all over the ountry, while Michelle does the same on TAX PAYER MONEY, never had a budget in almost 8yrs. Muslim killings of Christians started well before 1914-1919 when the YOUNG TURKS, KURDS, PERSIANS issued a fatwa (jihad) against all Christians, while slaughtering 1,500,000 Armenians, 750,000 Assyrians, 200,000 Greeks. The women were raped, buried alive, men, children were chopped into pieces, burned to death, sawed into pieces, crucified, all in a day’s work and we’re proud of it. Turkey says “I know nothing” (Sgt Schultz) even to this date. No help came for those people. Just like no help came to Christians slaughtered by Isis terrorist. But wait Obama did say his heart went out to the families. Whew, thank you Jesus, thank you Obama we feel better now, now you can go finish your golf game. You have no legacy, you make pres carter look great. May you see your father soon.


  10. Mac

    Andrea was the ONLY reason I watched Outnumbered…
    Maybe someone else on that show could try to write a book.
    Ditching Andrea is a mistake.


    • Bugfan1

      I TRULY hope Roger Ailes and all his other puppets on FOX go down in FLAMES. The dumb-a$$ they had in Andrea’s place this morning is nothing but a loud mouth Clinton supporter. She was downright hateful because the little blonde with the glasses was giving her view and then Harris says something and she barks at her. All because she wanted to take up for Hillary because of Bill’s sordid sex scandals. So I will continue to post my TRUE feelings on how I feel about Fox news. And I will continue to hope their ratings BOTTOM OUT!!!!!!.

      Roger Ailes will STOP at nothing until he makes sure sure he’s done EVERYTHING in his power to help the GOP ELITES put Hillary Clinton in the White House as the next President. I’m voting for Donald Trump. Ted Cruz NEEDS to stop running his mouth about getting back into the race. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!!!! And my family and I have lost every single bit of RESPECT we had for the Bush Family. WE WILL NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN NOR DEMOCRAT EVER AGAIN. The GOP party is just as bad as the Democratic party. So if they DON’T get behind Trump and Clinton ends up in the White House; then they DESERVE everything and anything that happens to OUR country. The ONLY sad part will be the fact WE THE PEOPLE will be the ones dealing with another EIGHT years of another one of the same Obama White House. BOTTOM LINE!!!.


  11. Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed.

    Fans of Andrea Tantaros better get used to not seeing her because that chick ain’t coming back.

    What is remarkable though is that Fox with all the PR expertise at its disposal can’t come up with a decent excuse for her absence. That is mainly because the reason for her absence is so indecent.

    Andrea Tantaros was never more than a piece of meat at Fox. She had her gorgeous legs on full display in her mini-micro outfits, always sitting on the right side of our screens for maximum exposure.

    To be sure, she does have a powerful brain and the opinions she presented always seemed to be a product of her own thinking. And for that she was respected. Many others at Fox have a hard time hiding the extreme coaching that surely takes place behind the scenes. Andrea Tantaros never looked like a parrot.

    But a piece of ass she is. She had her fans at Fox and now she has her private customers. Andrea Tantaros was using her position at Fox for exposure and for the opportunity to make some serious cash later and in a totally different profession.

    And it has worked. Now everyone has seen her on TV and everyone knows how gorgeous and sexy she is. They have seen her gorgeous legs and imagined her in bed. And the fantasy has always been intense and very pleasurable.

    Now they have the opportunity to experience the real thing.

    You have to remember that these Fox babes don’t make much money at all. Even Fox anchors with stable jobs and stable slots don’t make that much at all. Megyn Kelly who has her own weekday spot makes nowhere near what people imagine she makes or anywhere near the numbers that her agent puts out in the public domain. These numbers are highly exaggerated to make the anchor seem very important and to get people to watch. Megyn Kelly probably makes two-hundred thousand dollars annually. And the ones Fox likes to call “Fox Contributors” and “Fox Analysts” are making very little indeed and are barely surviving. They look classy and are so well-dressed because the outfits are all provided to them by the network. They love the exposure and the fame, but they are barely surviving. Most of them are living close to the network’s headquarters in downtown Manhattan and the cost of living is extraordinarily high.

    But Andrea Tantaros is a smart woman. She has not allowed Fox to use her without her fully using Fox. She got the exposure she wanted and she did it by almost fully exposing her gorgeous figure. Now everyone knows about her gorgeous legs. Everyone knows how stunning a woman she is. Everyone knows what she has to offer a man.

    And so now she has gone into hiding without any explanation whatsoever. Because no explanation is possible. She likely works in the lucrative escort service industry. Yes, she is a call girl. Just like the Spitzer call girl. Andrea Tantaros is every bit as hot as Ashley Dupré. And the call girl that brought down New York’s governor was charging him around $4,000 an hour. And he paid for the hotel room and the girl’s transportation expenses.

    In her new role, Andrea Tantaros can make much more than she was making at Fox. As a call girl she is making quite a bit more than the Fox anchors who have established hour-long programs.

    So Andrea Tantaros is a very busy girl right now. She has no time for Fox because her schedule is completely full. If you want to spend an hour with her you will probably have to wait some time to get an appointment.

    But just remember guys: the longer you hold on to your milk the more delightful the experience will be.

    Three things make Andrea Tantaros so much in demand on the call girl circuit. First, she has had worldwide exposure as a Fox babe. Secondly, she is hot and her legs are extremely sexy. Thirdly, almost everyone has come to know that she is Greek and “Greek Sex” is used to refer to anal sex. Her fans fully anticipate that she will be willing to accommodate their desire to fully explore her buttocks. And they fully expect that she will be open to them going deep inside.


  12. Reginald Arford

    Apparently the above commentator is not alone in his erotic fantasies – which he should learn not to air in public, please! Or is this a plant, by someone covering his rear at Fox by spreading rumors?

    According to this Newsmax story, Miss Tantaros was one of Roger Ailes sexual harassment subjects. She’d complained before, and then been demoted from The Five to Outnumbered, a lower-rated show. When *she hired a lawyer*, she was disappeared. Apparently it wasn’t Mr. Trump they wanted her silence about! There was a confidentiality agreement which she honored, BUT with the Gretchen Carlson thing mushrooming, and Ailes ouster, she’s broken her silence. Link to Newsmax article:


  13. Reginald Arford

    OK, not seeing my comment…
    Try again: Here’s an article from the New York Times:
    It gives more details about Ms. Tantaros’s exile, for resisting Mr. Ales’s sexual advances. It seems to actually be a “free speech” thing: They didn’t want her to tell on Mr. Ales, let alone file a lawsuit. Too late!


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