Tantaros Tantrum? Outnumbered Co-Host Hangs Up on Radio Host

817OCHaWvtLThere’s not much news here but if you’re following the Andrea Tantaros situation as The Cable Gamer has been, every tidbit of information may be of interest. This latest happened today during an interview with Brian Craig; here is a rough, edited transcript of the relevant portion:

BRIAN CRAIG: What’s going on with you at Fox? Are you still working at Fox News Channel?

ANDREA TANTAROS: I’d love to sit and talk to you about, because I would believe me, but I can’t. So we’re just going to have to leave that one alone for today.

CRAIG: Are we going to find out what’s going on in the near future with you and Fox News?

TANTAROS: I can’t say.

CRAIG: It sounds like you’re ready to explode. It sounds like there’s a great story you have inside….The listenership in talk radio are obsessing: what’s going on with Andrea Tantaros? Is she fired? Is she coming back? Are they punishing her for being a strong supporter of Donald Trump? This is what people are talking about.

TANTAROS: It is what people are talking about, and what I’m talking about is the book.

CRAIG: Tied up in knots.

TANTAROS: And that’s where I am today—

CRAIG: It sounds like you are tied up in a knot.

TANTAROS: No I’m actually not. I’m madly in love and I’ve figured it all out and I’m tied in knots thanks to the love of an awesome man—

CRAIG: All right it’s Andrea Tantaros—

TANTAROS: All right, thanks so much for having me.

CRAIG: Oh my. She hung up the phone. Kathy, she hung up.

KATHY: I told you that was going to happen. She blocked you on twitter because you said something she didn’t like, but you bring up the Fox—she is a person who cuts and runs…

CRAIG: Did you hear what she said at the end? It was bizarre…something about being in a great relationship and being in love? It was weird.

This colloquy chewing over the “odd and strange” interview goes on for a few more minutes. The host explains his comment to Andrea being tied up in a knot was a reference to her inability to talk about the Fox situation, and as the post-mortem continues somehow porno movies come into the discussion. You can hear the whole thing at the Brian Craig Show website; the above antics begin at the 19-minute mark.



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