Reliable Sources Courageously Pre-Empts News to Attack Trump

CNN prides itself on their “all-in” coverage of big breaking news stories. So why is it that when the Oakland authorities updated the country on the devastating fire that killed dozens over the weekend, CNN didn’t break in with live coverage? What did CNN consider literally more important than life and death? This:


While news channels covered the news, CNN was calling Donald Trump a “demagogue.” It was a special edition of Reliable Sources where one anti-Trump discussion was followed by another, and another:


Brian “I am not a media critic” Stelter spent this hour delivering journalistic impartialities such as these:

  • …presidential lying and how President-elect Trump does it very differently.
  • Yes, his permanent campaign is against the press.
  • Are we at the point where we have to talk about what it means to have an authoritarian as opposed to a democratic president tweeting the press this way?
  • This is what strong men do. This is what happens in authoritarian regimes.
  • Let’s get to the point about whether this is a new civil war or whether we’re heading toward a new civil war. Do you feel like that’s where we are? Because there are days where I feel like we’re in a cold civil war.
  • Let’s tell some truths about lying, because the way Donald Trump lies has people rethinking some of the basic premises of journalism…
  • When president-elect Trump lies so casually, so cynically, the news isn’t so much the false thing he said. It’s that he felt like he could just go ahead and say it, go ahead and lie to you.
  • Trump lies again, embracing a far-right wing conspiracy theory.

But remember, Brian Stelter’s not a critic, or an analyst, or a far-left zealot. He’s just a “reporter.” Even though he’s been spouting off about Trump for months:

  • Donald Trump’s biggest lie is about the election itself, the integrity of the election.
  • Why do you think this kind of claim, which has no basis in reality, actually does stick with some of his supporters? Why are they inclined to believe a lie like this?
  • Donald Trump sounded unhinged at that rally
  • It’s not Lester Holt’s fault when Donald Trump lies more than Clinton
  • People are inclined to believe some of these lies.

Today’s edition of Reliable Sources devoted an entire segment to another of Stelter’s “essays,” this one all about the lying lies that liar Donald Trump tells. Add a little organ music and you’ve got the makings of a Brian Stelter “Special Comment.” Now in some circles where political coverage tends to be a bit more even-handed, Hillary Clinton has been criticized over falsehoods about Benghazi, sniper fire, talking points, emails, servers, phones, and various other topics. But your Cable Gamer came up short looking for Reliable Sources segments dedicated to condemning her lies, let alone any full-fledged Steltermann Special Comments on the subject.

But remember, Brian Stelter is not a critic, and certainly not a partisan political hack. He’s a reporter.

One final note: The Cable Gamer has noted in the past that Stelter is a company man. In that regard, guess what major media story didn’t even get a mention on today’s Reliable Sources? If you guessed this one, go to the head of the class.

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