Shepard’s Strange Disclaimer

In his rush to separate himself from Judge Andrew Napolitano (a frequent guest on his program, at least up until today) Shepard Smith made an odd claim about the Judge’s theory that British spymasters surveilled Trump Tower at Obama’s request:

SHEPARD SMITH: We’ve not reported on that on this program or any Fox News programs. It was on the morning show but not on Fox News.

The Cable Gamer has a couple of problems with this statement. When Judge Napolitano advanced this notion on Fox & Friends Smith claims he was “not on Fox News.” Where was he then, on HGTV? Fox News has bragged for years that their morning program Fox & Friends is #1 in all cable news, yet here is FNC’s primary news anchor pretending like they’re on some other channel.

SMITH: We’ve not reporting on that on this program or any Fox News programs. It was on the morning show but not on Fox News.

Assuming that Shep will allow that hours other than just 3:00 pm Eastern are Fox News, then what is The First 100 Days, anchored by Martha MacCallum, one of FNC’s designated two top political news anchors? Yes, Judge Napolitano discussed what his sources told him there too:

Your Cable Gamer wonders what is going on with Shepard Smith. Is he just vamping, ad-libbing whatever pops into his head? Or is this all in the teleprompter–which might be even worse, given that it appears to have been written by person or persons who don’t have a clue what airs on their own news channel?


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  2. liamofktn

    I guess there won’t be any more posts on this blog considering the news out today. Good riddance to the slime. It’s a long time coming.


      • liamofktn

        “My the big dog of karma”? And when I have been accused of sexually assaulting 20+ women and using my position of power to threaten them into submission and silence, then you can say karma will come get me. Until then, your words mean nothing. 😉


      • liamofktn

        Well without Ailes paying the bills anymore to keep up this blog, I fail to see what incentive you have to keep operating it….unless you have an equally strong sense of needing to attack the media to avenge the treatment of Ailes; which would be laughable. Some advice: find another hobby at this point. The man isn’t coming back and Fox as you know it won’t exist by the time the brothers Murdoch have fully claimed the helm of the ship; making the point of this blog moot. You can’t be a die hard Fox defender if Fox becomes indistinguishable from CNN and MSNBC in terms of their politics.


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