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All They Want at NewsHounds Is Megyn Kelly…Dead

Kelly_ReidNewsHounds is the website that repeatedly told its readers Megyn Kelly was hired by Fox because she slept with Brit Hume. The site that delights in calling her a racist. And just recently described her appearance as “a vision of bigoted hate mongering,” only to silently airbrush away that offensive smear when called out by a watchdog (no pun intended) website. (The artificially distorted image seen to the left is from the NewsHounds website.)

Now the writer who called Megyn a bigoted hate monger has posted his latest Megyn Kelly attack. Her crime? Being overly factual about CAIR’s history as an unindicted co-conspirator with links to a known terrorist group. Clearly that’s too much information for the NewsHounds women-haters club. So what to do? Who will rid us of this meddlesome female? The top entry in the always rewarding comment section has the answer:

Rob Willhelm commented  Flag
Is any one besides me wishing a fucking fatal car wreck was in MK’s future, in a literal sense, right?

There you go. That’s all they want at NewsHounds: Megyn Kelly dead. If you’ve ever wondered what people who refer to “Fox haters” are talking about, now you know.

Hat-tip: Johnny Dollar

Throwback Thursday: Harris Faulkner, Too Beautiful for the NewsHounds

51Y4xENhxYL._AC_UL320_SR212,320_It’s got to suck to be a NewsHound. Think of it: sitting in your darkened living room, one trembling hand poised over your computer keyboard as you try to clean the fog from your glasses with the other—hey, when the only cardio you get is from breathing heavily from the strain of hating FNC hosts so strenuously, you’ll take it—as a relentless parade of smart, beautiful, cheerful and charming Fox News anchors appear on the screen, perhaps reminding you that your chosen career path of professionally hating Fox News is perhaps not the most upwardly-mobile, intelligent, or sanest thing to devote your life to. Case in point: Trying to find something to criticize about drop-dead gorgeous FNC correspondent (and all-around winner) Harris Faulkner:

Global Warming: It’s All Good On FOX News
It was good news only about global warming from FOX News during the news break on Hannity & Colmes tonight. As Harris Faulkner reported that last month was the warmest on record, video of golf courts and golfers appeared on the screen. Did she even mention the words, “global warming?” No. Instead, she proved again to be a good little foot soldier for the Bush Administration by chirping, “It was the warmest on record, giving Americans a break on their heating bills!”
Reported by Ellen at February 7, 2006 10:37 PM

Yeah, I know. What exactly is this Ellen person whipped up about? Nothing. There’s no “there” there—as usual, when the NewsHounds can’t find anything to criticize, they’ll just throw up a snippet of transcript and call it a story, and hope that no one will point out that if the NewsHounds were an emperor, they’d be naked as a jaybird. As in no clothes, people. In the final analysis, zapping Harris can be placed in the tiresome old category of hating someone because they’re beautiful—and that category falls into the category of the bitter loser’s bread-and-butter. Nothing new under the sun, son.

It’s also interesting that NewsHounds can’t figure out how they feel about FNC and its coverage of global warming. Between all the hissing and all the applause, I don’t even think they know how they feel.

Reposted from The Cable Game, 10 February 2006

Hilarity with The NewsHounds: Megyn’s Blood, Steve’s “Inbred” Son, and Hateful Harris

In its first incarnation The Cable Game kept a keen eye on shenanigans of the NewsHounds kind. It’s not surprising that they’re still doing the crazy after all these years—hate sites are an internet staple, the viler, the better. And these schnauzer-sized intellects play to that market like virtuosos of vitriol.

A stroll into the pound last week turned up the predictable screeds attacking Megyn Kelly, a special obsession of the hate crowd. The impresario of this dog pound, Ellen Brodsky, has called her every name in the book, and a few that aren’t. When she isn’t insisting that Ms. Kelly is a frothing-at-the-mouth Klansman-type racist, she’s telling her readers that Megyn slept her way into her job via an extra-marital hookup with Brit Hume. Yes, this is what passes for a good time at the NewsHounds’ dog pound. So it’s no surprise that the hate continues to flow:

The Great Huge Trumpkin is right – Babs Kelly is overrated, blood coming out of her eyes, wherever

Cute. Another writer ups the ante:

Steve Doocy’s inbred ‘journalist’ son, Peter…

Are you laughing yet? The ugly personal attacks are a NewsHound tradition, but good old-fashioned lying is still a key part of their operation, now with click-bait headlines to ensnare the unwary:

Fox’s Bill Hemmer Uses Pope’s Visit To Attack Obama For Having Gay And Transgender People On His Guest List

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that at no point in the discussion did Bill Hemmer attack Barack Obama…or anyone else. It was a NewsHound lie as tasty as those of old, this time served up by a newcomer to the kennel. “Richard,” like Ellen Brodsky, is quite active on twitter, where we gain additional insight into his ideas of news coverage. Just today we learned Harris Faulkner is a “Hillary hater” because she mentioned the candidate’s upcoming birthday. And there’s this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 9.15.36 PM

Now since every cable news channel has loads of people that criticize Donald Trump daily, “Richard” appears to be saying that’s not enough. He wants every person on that “one channel” to criticize Trump. No other views will be tolerated. Every analyst, commenter, reporter, and anchor must criticize Trump! Because, you know, that’s their job. No wonder he’s fitting in so well with the NewsHounds.

I’m only picking on “Richard” here because he singled The Cable Gamer out. For whatever reason he posed this question to us on twitter:

Why we got asked is a stumper. The Cable Gamer doesn’t program The Five, but the fact that they had the segments set ahead of time with video packages plus Greg’s monologue pre-written and in the prompter suggests that it was planned that way all along. But why ask The Cable Gamer for her opinion, when you really didn’t want it anyway:

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 9.27.56 PM

We’ll continue to watch those mendacious mongrels at NewsHounds. Once you’ve called Megyn Kelly a racist slut, and Steve Doocy’s son “inbred,” that’s a hard act to follow. But The Cable Gamer knows The NewsHounds too well. They’ll find a way.

UPDATE 26 October, 4:07 pm:

Is it part of the job description of a news anchor that he, or she, must criticize Trump? The NewsHounds think so. It’s not enough for commentators or analysts to criticize Trump. News anchors on Fox must as well. Does that clear it up for everyone? Class dismissed.

Fake News: How Still We See Them Lie

There’s a lot of talk about  “fake news,” but some fake news rarely if ever gets flagged, because the fact-checkers don’t care. Some hate crime hoaxes fall into this category; they fit an approved meme. And of course the fake news that is spun to smear Fox News rarely gets fact-checked at all.

That’s how a Huffington Post writer can say this and nobody bats an eyelid:

Time and time again, Fox News hosts questioned whether the 44th president was even eligible to hold the office, saying he was born in Kenya and then that he had released a fake birth certificate to lie about his origins.

Who are the Fox News hosts who said “time and time again” that Obama was born in Kenya? HuffPo doesn’t say, because there aren’t any. It’s a lie, a classic of “fake news,” but one that will never rouse the ire of Brian Stelter.

There are few websites with a longer pedigree in fake news than News Hounds. Whether it’s Karl Rove indicted, George Bush’s cocaine arrest, or Sandy Berger being cleared of all charges, they have fabricated farcical prevarications for years. And as spectacular as those may be, they save their most creative falsehoods for their obsession with Fox News. Did you know Oliver North is a “convicted traitor?” Somehow The Cable Gamer missed that trial. And there’s the little matter of their ugly smears of Megyn Kelly.

The above examples just scratch the surface. Writer “Priscilla,” who your Cable Gamer knows from one of her O’Reilly lies, has a long record in the fake news game. And her Christmas offering proves to be a one-paragraph tour de force of dishonest fakery, not just wrong but fake in multiple respects.

fox___friends_christmasFox & Friends Has “Merry Christmas” Message – But No “Happy Hanukkah”
While claiming to be “America’s Newsroom,” Fox News sure doesn’t reflect the religious diversity of America. Look no further than today’s Fox & Friends graphic (right) to see that Fox is targeting a very specific audience. There’s obviously no room at the Fox inn for Jewish folks whose holiday began last night.

On the basic facts, this is a lie. Fox & Friends did have a Happy Hanukkah message, and it said “Happy Hanukkah,” the precise wording “Priscilla” said was not used. See for yourself:


dogBut there’s more. Fox & Friends has been airing this message for several days now, not just today. Not only have they been airing this message, they’ve also solicited, received, and showed Hanukkah photos from viewers, like the one you see to the right. It’s no surprise none of these facts are in Priscilla’s post–these multiple lies of omission increase the fakery of their fake news to a higher order of, well, fakery.

And there’s still more. In addition to all of the above, the program’s host Abby Huntsman took to twitter to alert viewers that today’s program would be a celebration of Christmas–and Hanukkah:

Another lie of omission. Is it possible for one paragraph of fake news to be any faker than Priscilla’s: misleading, dishonest, and outright fraudulent in every respect? It’s clearly a deliberate lie, written without even two minutes’ attempt to determine the facts, simply to smear Fox News.

The Cable Gamer feels safe going out on a limb and predicting that News Hounds will post no apology for this. Why should they? Priscilla was just doing her job: fake news. Who’s going to call her out? Google? Facebook? They’re not going to tag this, or any News Hounds smear, as “fake.” Brian Stelter, who himself promotes fake news without fact-checking? He’s more likely to retweet it than call it out.

The News Hounds dishonor Christmas by using it to lie about the Feast of Dedication, yet they’ll continue to be listed as a source of “news” by Google no matter how many times we see them lie. But it’s still fake news, from fake News Hounds.

“We Stand With The Lying, Racist, Skanky Whore”

“I stand with Megyn Kelly.” The Cable Gamer signs on to that sentiment whole heartedly, without reservation. That’s been the case since Ms. Kelly first appeared on the national news stage. Of course standing with Megyn is much trendier than it used to be. It even has its own hashtag: #IStandWithMegyn. How times change!

Not that long ago anti-Fox websites reveled in dumping on Megyn’s rise to cable news stardom. NewsCorpse, on a good day just short of delusional, called her a liar and yammered about her hair color. DailyKos called her a racist and yammered about her hair color. Crooks & Liars called her an actress and yammered about her hair color. And so it goes.

340055_10150434640805837_1781177309_oThe NewsHounds, of course, yammered about her hair color, but there was so much more. Megyn Kelly is a racist; Megyn Kelly is a liar. Perhaps their greatest achievement in character assassination (second only to accusing John Gibson of an especially detestable felony) was Ellen Brodsky’s claim Megyn Kelly was given her own show (which at the time didn’t even exist) because she slept with Brit Hume. Personal smears of this sort are a NewsHound speciality but this one has lasted longer, and was repeated more frequently than most of the site’s many smears. Even after all parties involved denied it on the record that didn’t stop Brodsky, who upped the ante by elevating what was unsupported gossip and reporting it as fact. Years later it still pops up in newshounds posts just to keep the story alive.

So The Cable Gamer is a tad bit skeptical, and downright suspicious, when she sees smear artist Brodsky getting all worked up over Trump calling Megyn “crazy” and “overrated.” Really? After calling her a racist and a slut (not to mention a sneering phony) Brodsky is now riding to Megyn’s rescue because Trump called her “average?” Please.

If that’s not enough, here’s a sampling of the comments about Megyn Kelly Ms. Brodsky approved for publication, all of them still on the NewsHounds website today:

Yes, Ellen Brodsky and the NewsHounds stand with Megyn. So that the minute she looks the other way they can stab her in the back. Again. Sickening hypocrites.

hat-tip: @johnnydollar01

Lie to Me: Slandering Bill O’Reilly Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

The Cable Gamer isn’t sure how she found herself at a Fox-hating site this afternoon. Perhaps it was nostalgia for the days of The Cable Game 1.0, when exposing lies from the NewsHounds was a regular feature. But as soon as we dropped by we spotted this:

Bill O’Reilly Uses Bogus Quote To Attack Time Magazine Journalist

Don’t be shocked, but that headline is false. Whoops, we should have given a spoiler alert for that. But since the post is by NewsHound Priscilla, that really wouldn’t be much of a spoiler.

When somebody else says something that he feels is not accurate, he [O’Reilly] unleashes his patented fatwa, such as when he recently attacked a journalist for lying – an attack based on an O’Reilly lie!

The Cable Gamer will remind you you said that, Priscilla. John Anderson of Time described the movie version of Killing Jesus as a “critically eviscerated tv movie based on Bill O’Reilly’s novel.” O’Reilly took issue so naturally Priscilla had to take the other side:

The movie version of “Killing Jesus” did get some negative reaction.

So does just about every movie ever made. That doesn’t make it “critically eviscerated.” In fact, it was nominated for a best-movie Emmy! Aware of how lame that comeback was, Priscilla moved on to what she claimed is her main point, the O’Reilly “lie:”

The other bigger problem is that O’Reilly changed Anderson’s quote. Anderson did not use the word “novel” to describe “Killing Jesus.” He wrote, and I quote, “Killing Jesus, last year’s critically eviscerated TV movie based on Bill O’Reilly’s book, broke NatGeo viewership records.”

You expect this type of thing on biased right wing media, but isn’t Bill O’Reilly supposed to be a legit “no spin” journalist? If you’re going to be “fair & balanced,” be accurate.

A classy, sophisticated graphic is included to drive the point home:


So why does The Cable Gamer say the NewsHound headline (“O’Reilly used a bogus quote”) is false? Because it is. O’Reilly’s quote was 100% accurate. It’s Priscilla who is not being truthful.

Guess what appears at the top of the article Priscilla quoted from? This:

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.55.24 PM

A correction! Why did Priscilla leave that out? Guess what appears at the bottom of the article?

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.55.31 PM

Did it, really? Why did Priscilla leave that out? Doesn’t this make two bold-type announcements above and below the article that Priscilla carefully avoided telling her readers about? But wait, let’s see how the article read before the correction—back when Bill O’Reilly spoke out about it. Thanks to the internet archive we have that information for you:

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.50.41 PM

So the correction that Priscilla hid from her readers was Time changing “novel” to “book”—exactly the issue raised by O’Reilly. A correction that just happens to prove the NewsHounds post to be a worthless falsehood. Remember how Priscilla called Bill’s complaint “an O’Reilly lie?” It wasn’t. The only person who actually told “an O’Reilly lie” is Priscilla herself. But that’s to be expected from a NewsHounds writer with a record of flagrant fabrications about Fox News.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the apology to Bill O’Reilly. Why do you think Top Dog Ellen Brodsky keeps Priscilla around after years of brazen dishonesty? Certainly not to say she’s sorry for doing her job: lying about Fox News.

hat-tip: @johnnydollar01

Journalistic Outrage: Separate, and Unequal

08FOXweb-master675Recently there was a disturbance in the journalism force when the Republicans decided they’d learned their lesson after the disastrous CNBC debate. As a result they pulled out of a scheduled debate on NBC (a corporate sister to CNBC and MSNBC) and took their business to CNN. And that was too much for the cognoscenti. Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple, a close follower of all things Cable Game, did not mince words:

RNC to broadcast outlets: No ‘gotcha’ questions, or else: When the Republican National Committee levels a threat, take note…High numbers explain the creepiness behind the arrangement. If you anger the RNC, that is, you stand to lose money, bonuses, congratulatory memos from the boss. The RNC’s actions against NBC will have a leveling effect. Get ready for a lot of network cautiousness in the coming debates, because sponsors know what will happen if they don’t play by the rules, ill-defined as they are.

Wemple’s concern that politicians should not “forum shop” to avoid unfriendly or challenging questions is a fair one. Inside Cable News took it a step further, coming down on CNN for agreeing to pick up the debate that NBC lost:

CNN should have refused the debate because it sets a bad precedent where political parties can shop their debates just to punish networks regardless of the validity of the “crime”…All the networks should have stood firm in supporting NBC given the circumstances (NBC being punished for something it had no part of).

“Spud” is making the point that NBC shouldn’t be blamed for CNBC’s lousy debate, but even if the lousy debate had been NBC’s own production, this would still be forum shopping. To be sure, as soon as the GOP voiced its criticisms over the CNBC questions (rightly so according to critics) there was President Obama to say Republicans were afraid of tough questions:

They can’t handle a bunch of CNBC moderators … If you can’t handle those guys, then I don’t think the Chinese and Russians are going to be too worried about you.

You would think the irony of the President’s critique would have been noted by somebody in the mainstream media. This is Barack Obama, the man who avoids Fox News like the plague. It took a Big Fox airing of the Super Bowl two years ago to get Mr. Obama into the no-spin zone, and that’s pretty much been it. How often do you see Hillary Clinton on Fox News? This past Sunday Mrs. Clinton did the rounds of all the Sunday news shows, except Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. At least a half-dozen serious FNC program hosts have repeatedly requested an interview with the likely Democratic candidate for President, and have been turned down. The Cable Gamer doesn’t recall Mr. Wemple’s post decrying this blatant forum shopping, but maybe we overlooked it.

Mind you, this sort of thing is encouraged by many blogs and anti-Fox sites. So Jason Easley congratulates Hillary for being afraid to go on Fox: “The Democratic Party has finally wised up.” As a side benefit this helps feed the narrative that Fox News avoids interviewing Democrats, even when it’s a lie.

And lies bring this discussion full circle, for it was a campaign of falsehoods and fabrications that succeeded in getting the Democrats to permanently boycott Fox News for any of their Presidential debates. In 2007 a pair of blogs cited a Fox News Democratic debate from 2003 and lied about Juan Williams’s questions, the language used, the post-game analysis, and—wouldn’t you know it?—how many Democrats were interviewed. To no one’s surprise, the Democrats cancelled their 2007 debate on Fox News, and the precedent was set.

Eight years later Fox News is still proposing Democratic debates, but the Dems won’t give FNC the time of day. Forum shopping has become their default. The champions of capital-J Journalism get worked up when the GOP cancels a debate with the parent company of Lean Forward. But when Fox News is frozen out, election cycle after election cycle, people like Mr. Erik Wemple can’t seem to summon up the same level of outrage. But why should they? After all, it’s Fox. Bret Baier? Megyn Kelly? Chris Wallace? Who really expects the Democrats to talk to those people?


The Character Assassination Bureau

Working on the previous post about NewsHounds, The Cable Gamer spent some extra time on twitter, where you can see real-time comments from several NewsHounds writers. One of these from Richard caught our eye:

This is an extraordinary observation to come from a writer for NewsHounds. “Dumb” and “loser” are the smallest of potatoes compared to that site’s smears and personal attacks. The site owner regularly calls Megyn Kelly a racist (most recently just a week ago) and The Cable Gamer thinks that’s a little worse than “loser.” If that’s not enough Ellen Brodsky repeatedly posted a claim that Ms. Kelly was hired at Fox because she slept with Brit Hume, smearing her as a slut and Mr. Hume as an adulterer—two birds, one stone.

This sort of character assasination is really what distinguishes NewsHounds from other anti-Fox sites. They go the extra mile, and never give up the ship. Ms. Brodsky still includes links back to her Megyn/Hume smear to keep it always bubbling near the surface. And there’s so much more, like saying Oliver North is a “convicted traitor,” painting John Gibson as a child abuser, making comments about Ann Coulter’s sex life, calling Steve Doocy “mentally challenged”— you get the idea. Yet Richard, who writes for that very website, is offended by “loser.”

The selfsame Richard recently published a post at NewsHounds that claims Bill Hemmer is blaming Muslims for future terror attacks. Don’t think too hard about that “blaming” charge: Mr. Hemmer’s comments about moderate Muslims are the sort of news analysis that’s heard 24/7 all over The Cable Game on topics ranging from rhetoric to mass shootings. It’s something of a propagandist’s trick to paint it as laying blame when Hemmer didn’t say anything about who would bear responsibility for as-yet nonexistent attacks. (The Cable Gamer suspects Bill would point the finger at the perpetrators.)

Richard’s spin is dubious, but what elevates it to full NewsHound status is an unnecessary personal shot at Bill Hemmer. For some reason Richard decided that Hemmer was looking “to spread hate against all Muslims.” So not only is Bill Hemmer an anti-Muslim bigot, he also wants everyone else to be! Again two birds, one stone—and, from all The Cable Gamer can tell, based on no evidence at all.

As vile as some NewsHounds smears can be, their unhinged comment section is something else again. This is where Megyn Kelly is regularly called “skanky Megyn” or “skanky KKKelly,” Sarah Palin is a “whore,” Peter Doocy (before he was even hired by Fox) was called a gay, retarded Nazi, and Juan Williams is either a “house Negro” or a “lawn jockey.” (If you doubt that the site owner encourages such attacks, note that when a commenter complained about “lawn jockey,” Ellen Brodsky announced that she was banning not the person who posted that term, but the commenter who objected to it!)

The Cable Gamer asked Richard why, if he finds comments like “dumber” and “loser” so objectionable, he writes for a site like NewsHounds:

As a writer for the NewsHounds you write for a site that said Megyn Kelly got her job by sleeping with Brit Hume and has called her a racist. Also the comment section regularly calls her a skank, bimbo, etc. If you are concerned about what Trump calls female pundits how is it that you write at a site that calls Megyn Kelly far worse than “dumb” or “loser?”

Richard did not respond to that question, though he did say during an exchange about his Hemmer post that it’s not his intent to engage in lying, name-calling, or personal smears. So what’s he doing at NewsHounds, where character assassination is coin of the realm? Where this sort of thing, targeting an African-American woman, is not only allowed, but encouraged:

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 4.23.04 PM

Hat-tip to Johnny Dollar for a contribution to this post.

How to Lie About Fox News, in One Easy Lesson

If you saw our #ThrowbackThursday post yesterday, you know The Cable Game has a tradition of calling out websites like NewsHounds. They’re old hands at waging war on Fox News, and still at it. When The Cable Gamer last looked at NewsHounds this was the top post:

Fox Pretends Trump’s Muslim Plan Is Unquestionably Constitutional

It’s a pretty representative example of how easy it is for Ellen Brodsky, author of the piece and lead Hound, to lie about Fox News using one of the oldest tricks in the propaganda book:

[Byron] York is the chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner and has no apparent legal training…. It’s worth pointing out that MacCallum has no legal background either. But real legal experts think there’s an important difference between barring immigrants on the basis of nationality and barring them on the basis of religion and that it’s quite possible that Trump’s plan is unconstitutional as a result.

Ms. Brodsky says this is “blatant Fox News propaganda” to declare Trump’s proposal “unquestionably constitutional.” But is there something Ellen Brodsky is not telling us? Of course there is. Some call this cherry-picking, but it’s really just a form of lying: the lie of omission.

In order to come up with a segment favoring Trump’s ban, with a guest who’s not a lawyer and thought it could be constitutional, the NewsHounds had to skip over all the other segments Fox News aired. With real attorneys. How about some of the attorneys who are designated legal analysts for Fox News? Here’s what Lis Wiehl said:

It would be unconstitutional because of the First Amendment right to freedom of religion and the Fifth Amendment right to due process. You can make the argument that the Constitution does not apply to people who want to come here, but there are many treaties that say you can not discriminate based on religion.

NewsHounds didn’t tell you about that. Lie of omission. The same is true of another attorney, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who agreed with Wiehl:

We are signatories to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there are international laws and treaties that we are bound by. You can not ban people based on their religious beliefs!

If there’s anyone who represents the Fox News “position” on such legal matters it would be their Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano:

I think it’s profoundly unconstitutional because one of the areas the government cannot make decisions on is religion…. The President cannot use religion as a basis, nor could Congress use religion as a basis, to admit or to refuse.

How easy it is to lie about Fox News. Ellen Brodsky cites one person’s opinion as the position of “Fox News”…after skipping over all the people who said the opposite. Then she complains that the opinion guy “has no apparent legal training”…after carefully skipping over all the people who do have legal training. Ms. Brodsky waited as Lis Wiehl, Kim Guilfoyle, Judge Napolitano and others criticized Trump’s Muslim plan, and only when Byron York defended it did she rush to post her proof that this was Fox News “propaganda.”

You call it cherry-picking. The Cable Gamer calls it by its proper term: a lie of omission. P.S.: There’s this too:

In fact, MacCallum thought it quite possible that the argument she and York had just put forth would help Trump become even more popular.

Ellen Brodsky attacks Martha MacCallum for being correct. Every day is Opposite Day at NewsHounds.

Our next post in this series will look at lying, name-calling and personal smears on the NewsHounds website and twitter.

He’s Watters…and We’re in His World Now

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.51.19 PMThere’s something about Jesse Watters. Is it the superfluous consonant in his surname? Maybe it’s that annoying popped collar. Whatever it is, he drives the anti-Fox zealots start-raving crazy. His every wisecrack sends them in further explosions of derangement. Before we go any further, consider the following:

Jesse Watters’ ethnic slur was disgusting on its face but coming from Watters it’s even more despicable.

The above has been edited so as not to give the game away, but The Cable Gamer wants you to consider what would constitute a “disgusting, despicable ethnic slur.” While you mull that over, think about the rise of Donald Trump, whose chief qualification for public office appears to be a willingness to say insensitive, even offensive things. Is this the perfect milieu for Jesse Watters to make his move in cable news?

Those on the inside of The Cable Game have access to numbers that outsiders never see. Not only do they know which show topped the competition on any given night, they can often tell you which segments on that show outperformed the others. Bill O’Reilly’s production team regularly adjusts the content of his nightly hour, discontinuing some segments (remember the “body language” lady?) and trying out new ones. And usually numbers guide those decisions.

That Jesse Watters should get a try-out as a weekend host shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given that his weekly Factor segments recently started appearing twice a week. The numbers again. O’Reilly even let Watters host The Factor and those shows did well enough that, with a little extra seasoning on The Five and Outnumbered, Jesse was ready to fly solo. And so the weekend Watters’ World was born.

If the first installment is any example, it’s not just an hour of man-on-the-street hi-jinks. Those segments are there, but they’re like the dessert served up after an in studio debate on some hot topic. The premiere featured segments on refugees and immigration, with well balanced panels that included representatives of left, right, and center. Participants rotated in and out of various blocks so the discussions were kept fresh through the hour. A segment on veterans made for a nice change of pace, and the whole thing hung together as if Watters had been doing it for years.

Jesse’s trademark wit was on display, and while The Cable Gamer didn’t think he said anything “disgusting” or “despicable” you can bet rabid anti-Foxxers will find something to pick on. But just what qualifies as a “disgusting, despicable ethnic slur” anyhow? For that we turn to the quote at the top of this piece, from that most abhorrent hate-Fox site: The News Hounds. There News Hound Ellen detailed what Jesse Watters said about Univision’s Jorge Ramos (who disrupted a Trump press conference) that was so disgusting and despicable:

WATTERS: I think Ramos acted like an illegal alien and he got treated like one. He cut the line, was disruptive and was deported. And then, Trump let him back in. Isn’t that his (immigration) policy?

How despicable is that? With outrage swelling over people being compared to “rabid dogs,” apparently Ellen finds it’s far more “disgusting and despicable” to be compared to an illegal alien! Even more confounding is that Ellen thinks being an alien (or being illegal, it’s not clear which) constitutes an ethnicity. The stupidity dial goes to 11 on this one, but it does show The Power of Watters to drive Fox haters bananas with even the mildest zinger.

The Cable Gamer is going out on a limb here but she thinks Watters’ World will have pretty good numbers for an FNC weekend show. What’s more, it may not be long before it goes from a monthly show to a weekly show. It’s not exactly Capital-J Journalism but Jesse Watters’ repartee, with a touch of Trump-style irreverence and sass, could make this show the best of both worlds.