Everything Old Is New Again

When better than on a #ThrowbackThursday for The Cable Gamer to run across a surprising reappearance from those thrilling days of yesteryear? The Cable Game 1.0 debuted over 15 years ago. Its mix of inside gossip and pointed snark ignited speculation about who was behind it. The speculation increased exponentially when, some years later, it suddenly closed up shop, disappearing entirely (except for the echoes that could be accessed via the WayBack machine).

And that’s where “New Free Games” comes in. That’s what the header says but the URL tells a different story: “newcablegame.blogspot.com.” At this address you will find hundreds of posts from the original Cable Game blog. Here’s one about Bret Baier. The blog’s treatment of Keith Olbermann was relentlessly unsparing. There’s a handy search box to find posts about your favorite (or unfavorite) cable personalities of the time. A drop-down menu divides the posts into months, but your Cable Gamer couldn’t get it to work. Interspersed with classic TCG posts are occasional entries about video games. No, we don’t know why.

If you want a stroll through cable news history you could do worse than visiting this site before it, like the original, unceremoniously vanishes. Here’s an item involving a fellow named Stelter at the New York Times. The last sentence is eerily prescient.


One comment

  1. Mike T

    Still miss the energy level and entertainment value and variety associated with the one-hour nightly musings of Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann.

    We are a small club indeed of viewers who watched both Olby and BillO.

    But well delivered smug histrionics and relentless needling are hard to find these days.

    I suppose Tucker would come the closest.

    Can’t think of anyone on the left who is worth mentioning.

    Not sure with all the predictability out there in cable news land we are really better served than in the golden era of K.O. and B.O.

    But that’s just me. I enjoy well produced stimulating segments notwithstanding political bias.

    Happy Throwback Thursday to one and all.



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