Sherman’s Folly

From Clipboard

New York‘s Gabriel Sherman:

It’s unclear what, ultimately, convinced Ailes to let his moderators go after Trump. He may have wanted to shoot first to prevent Trump from damaging Fox in a live situation, as they say in the business. Perhaps Murdoch got to Ailes. Or, perhaps, Ailes just wanted good television.

Assumptions. Speculations. Guesses.


No. Creative fiction.



  1. liamofktn


    It seems, Roger, that you fail to get the irony of the situation that you have stumbled upon. After years, decades even, of sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist and oppressive dog whistling, Donald Trump (one who has no use for simile or subtly) has become your ultimate Frankenstein monster that can’t be contained. The puppet, unlike many of your others, ripped off his strings and is going to start coming after you soon. You have a lot of dirt that Gabriel Sherman and others haven’t covered yet. Trump knows what I’m referring to. If you don’t start playing nice with him, he’ll reveal more than you’re comfortable with the world knowing about in regards to your personal life and your lack of integrity/journalistic ethics. It’s not a good way to end your career. Of course, I warned you this was going to happen, but you still refuse to take it very seriously. It seems that sometimes children have to play with fire before they learn that they can, and will, get burned. It is a painful experience to live through; one that I don’t envy you for in the slightest. As much as I believe in redemption, this bout of karmic return couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. 😉


      • liamofktn

        I hate to go all Grammar Nazi on you, but what you’re referring to is the phrase “just after.” “Right after” has nothing to do with time or spacial concerns, but of a following sequence of events. Ailes didn’t call Trump “just after” he read this comment (immediacy), but he did “right after” reading it (a consequence of reading the tweet and realizing the Frankenstein monster known as Donald Trump might turn on his master). Just thought I’d clarify that. Other than that, just a mere coincidence I guess. 😉


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