Salon Thinks You’re Gullible So They Lie to You…And So Does MSNBC!

VLTh11P1_400x400The Cable Gamer has no idea why anyone would trust Salon for reportage from inside Fox News—it’s not like they have ever had even a semi-reliable source therein. And yet here’s Scott Eric Kaufman (remember that name, you may never hear it again) with some creative fiction about Fox and Megyn Kelly, headlining:

Megyn Kelly abruptly announces unplanned two-week vacation, effective immediately…

Kaufman goes on to note that “the timing of her unplanned absence is a touch curious,” and the string of comments by the chronically credulous confirm how difficult it is to underestimate Salon readers. Note that Kaufman has no source for his allegation that the vacation is unscheduled. In fact it’s been widely reported that the vacation was planned well ahead of time, from sources as diverse as the Los Angeles Times, TV Newser, and The Daily Beast. But Kaufman and his nonexistent source know better. Some would call this making it up, but in The Cable Game we have another term for it: lying.

As for the “abrupt” announcement, here’s an insight into how The Cable Game is played in the real world. Networks don’t often advertise to tell viewers ahead of time that Bill O’Reilly won’t be on this week. Because that makes viewers less likely to tune in. That sort of info, when it’s given at all, usually comes at the last minute.

What’s more, it’s August! The notion that this is a peculiar time for cable news anchors to take time off is ludicrous. Bill O’Reilly is off all week. Gretchen Carlson is off all week. Julie Banderas has been hop-skotching the channel filling in for other anchors who are taking time off this week. Because the end of August is a low-viewership period. When is Ms. Kelly supposed to take her vacation—after Labor Day, when viewers come home from vacation and the cable news audience is bigger? Salon‘s entire premise is ignorant at best, deceitful at worst, and in all likelihood both of the above.

But this sort of nonsense is all it takes for FNC’s competitors to leap into the fray, so on Hardball we find documented liar Joan Walsh repeating the fabricated meme:

WALSH: It kind of looks like Roger Ailes backed Trump in that battle, so she’s going on an unscheduled vacation.

There it is again, contrary to published reports, based on nothing whatsoever: the “unscheduled” vacation. Steve Kornacki, allegedly one of the brighter lights in the MSNBC leftist chandelier, didn’t question Walsh’s made-up assertion; he affirmed it! Not surprising, since MSNBC is shameless in spreading such claptrap. They treat their viewers like Salon regards its readers—as unquestioning rubes who will swallow whatever malarkey they throw at them.

By the way, why was Joan Walsh on Hardball spewing her fiction to Steve Kornacki? Oh, didn’t you know? Chris Matthews is off this week…on vacation!


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