Peak Sharpton

What does it take for MSNBC to deal with their greatest embarrassment? The latest news is that Al Sharpton has a consistent record of tax improprieties, so consistent that every business he’s started has closed its doors due to troubles with the tax man. From encouraging riots that resulted in at least one death, to smearing a public servant with lies (and never paying the court-ordered damages after losing a slander suit), Sharpton’s career has been everything no responsible news outlet would want in an occasional commentator–let alone a nightly host. Yet MSNBC not only turns a blind eye to his disreputable record, they actually make exceptions to their own policies just for Al.

Sharpton is an exceptionally untalented on-camera performer, a broadcasting klutz who actually seems to get worse with experience. Yet a self-styled “news channel” made him a program host, and did so after he publicly pledged to never criticize Barack Obama–about anything. Maybe that promise is what sealed the deal for Phil Griffin, but even he must realize that as MSNBC’s reputation sinks even lower than its ratings, Peak Sharpton was reached long ago.


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