He Cried Sexism, but Let It Skate When It Struck Kate

cnn_rs_deray_150524a1-800x430-696x374Brian Stelter does not like to be called a “critic.” He’s a reporter:

if you were “mostly a fan,” you’d know I’m not a critic or ombudsman, I’m a full-time reporter about media.

But as CNN Commentary noted:

If he really insists he is a news correspondent, then he needs to reel back his opinion-casting and critiquing and just stick to reporting the facts.

On today’s program Mr. Stelter got it into his head that Kelly Ripa was being mistreated due to sexism:

BRIAN STELTER: Now, you might just say this is a squabble between a bunch of multimillionaires, but you also might view it this way, as a case of another female television star being mismanaged by mostly male executives…I wonder if you think there’s a gender dynamic at play here. I sure think there is….

STELTER: Now, listen, maybe she was very, very angry, but would she have been covered this way if she were a man? And, frankly, would she have been treated this way by ABC if she were a man? 

Once again Brian “I’m not a media critic” Stelter is off criticizing the media, and for good measure opining that he is sure there was a “gender dynamic” to how ABC treated Kelly Ripa.

bolduan-babyLet’s compare this to another case. An anchor leaves to go on maternity leave. While she was tending to her new baby her employer announces that she’s been replaced—permanently:

The manner in which they did it is angering female staffers … They took her out while she was on maternity leave and buried it on a day when there’s serious news.

But in this case it wasn’t ABC. It was a network called CNN. And the gender angle is not just someone’s opinion: Kate Bolduan was away for maternity leave and had just given birth. Very few men find themselves in that situation. Yet we could find nothing from Mr. Stelter in searches of CNN’s website expressing any concern at all over what his bosses did to Kate Boulduan—a situation that’s a stronger case for “sexism” than the one he opined about today.

We don’t know why the Ripa matter got Stelter’s sexism senses tingling, yet Kate didn’t even make a ripple. The Cable Gamer reports, you decide.


  1. larrykelly

    Well, it’s clear Stelter is a critic, an ombudsman, a full-time reporter about media, and, most important, a Kelly Ripa fan. He is also a breath mint and a floor wax.


  2. notfoxy

    We can quibble about “reporter” all day – I think the term has lost all meaning, and Stelter and Kurtz both qualify as more media analyst than reporter, which allows opinion – but the Balduan situation was not sexist. She and Cuomo were a disaster together, and it was clear who was going to be moved because Cuomo was the star hire for New Day (this is all documented at ICN in threads Larry Kelly and I both participated in). The maternity leave was a convenient vehicle for transitioning Kate into a new timeslot, but it would have happened in any case.

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    • Sydney Bloom

      I’m sure people get fired or demoted all the time, but maybe if you were a woman working in the business you’d realize how much of an insult it is to get demoted while on maternity leave. Especially when you weren’t the problem: the man was. (And still is.) If you raise the specter of sexism over Kelly Ripa, who wasn’t demoted and didn’t lose her show, you’d better be consistent when worse happens in your own house.


  3. notfoxy

    Either/or, whatever you want, but it’s not a big deal. I just picked up the reference in your answer. Anyway, we disagree about Balduan’s performance on New Day. She’s a reserved, professional news anchor, and that did not fit the role they gave her. There’s no way she was going to stay at that show, not least of which because she and Cuomo clearly didn’t like each other (not that I blame her).


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